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Welcome to The Yorker, the largest student-run limited company in York, providing both local and campus news, features and reviews, as well as boasting thriving arts, lifestyle and politics sections. To see our a full list of our current staff, click here.

Conceived in 2006 by University of York (UOY) students Daniel Ashby and computer scientist Nick Evans, The Yorker began as a part-time project but has since blossomed into the UOY’s only independent media outlet. With no political or campus affiliations, our coverage comes with a unique character. The Yorker is also a private limited company and is therefore self-sufficient; all profits are donated to charity at the close of each academic year.

As the sole online media outlet on campus, The Yorker offers unrivalled 24-hour publishing and, attracting several hundred thousand hits each year, is one of the top sources for media at York. Having recently branched out into print, we are able to offer a fully-rounded and immersive media experience.

The Yorker offers opportunities to write news, politics, comment, arts, lifestyle and sport articles, and encourages use of innovative media, providing an outlet for any budding photographers and incorporating videocasts and podcasts into its output.

As well as having a strong social media presence on, especially on Facebook and Twitter, The Yorker has featured on sites such as Soundcloud, Pinterest and Flickr, in order to diversify our coverage and realise our aspiration of being at the cutting edge of media and technology.

Through live-blogs, as can be seen throughout the years at Roses and YUSU elections, The Yorker provides to-the-minute coverage of the most important events on campus.

Our business team also allows students to get involved with the financial, advertising and marketing side in order to develop knowledge and experience of working for a registered company. The Yorker’s web team is responsible for maintaining and developing the website, managing everything from site coding to graphic design, and is crucial to The Yorker and its status as an online media outlet. To see our a full list of our current staff, click here.

As detailed in our constitution, the aims and objectives of The Yorker Ltd. are to exhibit excellent and original talent from UOY students and alumni, provide broad-appeal reviews and commentaries on issues that students may find interesting, and communicate matters of relevance to students in an impartial, accurate and non-sensationalised manner, whilst developing all members of The Yorker Ltd. and building a strong community in a safe way.

Alongside focusing on eliminating bias and improving quality, The Yorker Ltd. also seeks to continually advance and establish its innovation, interaction and independence.

The Yorker holds no political opinions besides a commitment to freedom of expression. We hold no allegiances to political parties, groups, movements or positions. The opinions conveyed in this publication belong to the authors themselves – this applies to all members of The Yorker‘s team – and they do not necessary reflect, by association, the views of the The Yorker‘s editors, contributors or advertisers. (Note a full disclaimer here.)

If you have a letter or a complaint you wish to submit, contact the Editor with letters and the Editor and Deputy Editor for Content. Click here for a summary of our policies relating to comments, complaints and privacy. 

Our current website was built by 2013-14 Technical Director Tom Keefe, and was designed by 2014-15 Editorial Director Charlotte FitzGerald. The Yorker fox logo was designed by Daniel Shipley. In June 2016 we moved to a new website design, using the same provider.

Click here for details on contacting The Yorker‘s team. If you want to contact an editor, please refer to list of staff. For information on advertising with The Yorker, click here.



Who can write for The Yorker? Any student at the University of York can write for The Yorker, and we encourage you to give it a go. Any former officers (editors or directors) of The Yorker may renew their membership after graduating from the University of York and continue writing for us.

What do I have to do to write for The Yorker? To write for The Yorker, you will need to become a member by  registering an account and paying the year’s membership fee. Membership for one year is £6, which covers writers’ insurance, and also allows The Yorker to make investments which create exciting opportunities for our members. Simply visit the Get Involved page and follow the instructions. You don’t need an account if you just want to read the articles: our work is published publicly online.

Do I need experience? No! Experience is not needed to become a contributor to The Yorker. Many of our best writers came to The Yorker having never written for a student publication before. We can offer feedback, criticism and ideas for writers to help you improve your writing.

How do I write? Once you have become a member, you will be able to log into your account and contribute articles directly on our website. Once you are happy with your article idea, save it as ‘Pending’ and notify the appropriate section editor.

What can I write about? The Yorker boasts a hugely diverse range of content: from sports to lifestyle, arts to opinion, there’s something for everyone. Get in touch with any section editor by email and they will give you all the information you need. See ‘Our Team’.

How do I join The Yorker‘s team? Every position is made available by way of election at The Yorker‘s Annual General Meeting, usually held in February. All students are welcome to stand for any position listed above. If you wish to stand for a directorial position (Editorial, Financial, Managing, Marketing or Technical), you will also need to submit a short manifesto to be read out at the election.

Do I need editing experience to be an editor? No experience is needed to be an editor. All editors are given access to an editor’s guide, revised most recently in the summer of 2016, which explains all you need to know.

Can more than one person hold a position? Of course! The Yorker has often had two students sharing an editorial role.

What happens if I can’t make the elections? / I only just found out about The Yorker, is it too late to stand for a position? It is possible to apply for vacant positions by sending an application letter, or manifesto, to the Editorial Director.

Do you do everything online? Most of The Yorker‘s journalism is published online, but in 2012 we began a printed magazine which continues today. We aim to bring out an edition of the magazine at least twice a year.

I don’t want to write, but can I still get involved with The Yorker? Absolutely. We are always looking for people interested in finance, marketing and tech; they are an essential component of The Yorker. Alternatively, why not submit your photography?

What makes The Yorker different? As an independent registered business, we are fully independent from the University of York Students’ Union (YUSU): we are not restricted by the students’ union’s media charter, nor is our work examined by a union official prior to publication. We believe this allows more journalistic freedom than other campus newspapers. The press is most informative when it is free and we proudly feel that we are, in this regard, the best university outlet for free speech and expression.

As a non-profit limited company, The Yorker is not your typical campus newspaper, let alone your typical student society. Joining The Yorker means more than planning socials and collecting letters; our Business team ensures that the company’s finances are in order, communicates with advertisers and reviews our company documentation and constitution; our Technical team maintains the smooth running of the website and assists the Editorial team in presenting articles and creating sections for the website. It is a great way to develop transferable, real-life skills that will set you apart from other graduates.

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