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Our Team

The Yorker is staffed entirely by students at the University of York. Our staff members come from a range of academic disciplines and interests, all sharing a common interest in producing high-quality journalism for an independent press. Please find below a list of our current staff; drop us a line if you have any queries!

Editorial staff


Chloe D’Inverno – editor@theyorker.co.uk

Deputy Editor

Izzy Cardy – content@theyorker.co.uk

Section Editors

Arts Editor

Fruzsina Vida arts@theyorker.co.uk

TV and Film Editor

Becca Brown – film@theyorker.co.uk

Comment & Politics Editor

Kyle Mace – politics@theyorker.co.uk

Lifestyle Editor

Elle Jardine – lifestyle@theyorker.co.uk

Science & Technology Editor

Mollie Chan – science@theyorker.co.uk

Sports Editor

Rivers Westley – sport@theyorker.co.uk

Business staff

If you have any questions for the business team, please contact them directly.

Managing Director 

Elena Gebhard – director@theyorker.co.uk

Deputy Managing Director 

Sandra Meshack – director@theyorker.co.uk

Technical Director

Davide Filippo Bressani – webmaster@theyorker.co.uk

Financial Director

Caitlin Curtis – financial_director@theyorker.co.uk

Marketing Director

Laura Powell – marketing_director@theyorker.co.uk

Deputy Marketing

Beth Fergusson – marketing_director@theyorker.co.uk

Editorial Director

Chloe D’Inverno – editor@theyorker.co.uk