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3rd – Necropolises by Hannah Wollheim

Deep within a universal ruin,

Inside the core of worlds

There rests a dreaded place

Where the demons dwell.


There is no fire,

There is no ash,

Just a never ending pit of

Frozen oceans and snowy

Mountain tops of old concrete

And cemented stone.


Every terror held captive

By every sentient soul

Screams out in pain

Under the resting snow.


Tunnels have been burrowed,

Resting chambers built,

But it is still strongly felt,

By everything civilisation,

That all of Hell is loose.


Trenches are emptied,

Not by death but by harsher defeat.

Survivors are stripped of their clothes

And valuable supplies.

The camps in which they are held

Are but open areas fenced off

With barbed wire and shadowed towers.


As the winter grows angry

The camp guards’ hearts grow cold,

They decided to march the soldiers out

Back into the cold.


A swarm of pale naked men young and old

All cry and scream their dreadful ode:

“So cold, so cold, so fucking cold!”

Yet they march without stop

Pissing yellow on the ground and each other,

They’re newly born into to this fowl world!

Those poor souls who fell short of their comrades

Or tried to huddle together into one body

In an attempt to try and warm themselves up,

Suffered a severe beating from the passing guards

Until they are forced to scream “Christ, sir, Christ,

Please no more, no more!”


Necropolises by Hannah Wollheim won 3rd Place in our Halloween Creative Writing Competition 2016