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Bananas: A Short Film

An original TFTV student script about a love triangle gone wrong.

“BOB (17), a small, borderline comic figure, with extremely well kept gel hair, opens the door. He walks into ALLIGATOR FOODS, a quirky vegetable shop in his tiny village. As usual, the place is deserted, but still yields a pleasant feeling of familiarity and comfort.
GINA (19), blonde and beautiful, but not your typical high school prom queen, glances up with a half smile already formed on her lips from behind the cash register as she notices Bob walk in. Not seeing who she was expecting, she wipes away her smile in a matter of seconds and mechanically goes back to work. She takes her mundane job very seriously.”


The entire film and photos associated to Bananas! are credited to TFTV students of the University of York. The film has been shot and is currently in post production. Expected date of release: June 2018.

Click below to access the shooting script.