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Cinderella at York Theatre Royal

‘Cinders’ dancing in a ‘Strictly-like’ ball setting while her mardy stepsisters introduce manky outfits and personas in each scene. Prince Charming is being impersonated by his friend Dandini and Buttons our lovely advocate fella ends up telling Cinderella that he is in love with her. During the performance, we get to know how a fairy earns her magic wand and what happens if you push the giant glittery button on the side of the stage which is playing with everyone’s imagination. I guarantee that you have never seen Cinderella like this before!

Pantomime during the holiday season has reached an iconic status at the York Theatre Royal. The musical comedy sets a festive mood and entertains the whole family. Cinderella, by Evolution Productions, lives up to all expectations and leave all generations in hysteric laughs with its very well thought humour and easy punchlines. (Several points during the show, I was crying with laughter.)

The family play was written and produced by Paul Handy and Emily Wood, the director was Juliet Foster. 

Picture credit: York Theatre Royal

The main characters of Cinderella are so adorable that we instantly fell in love with them. Meanwhile, the constant verbal interaction with the audience takes this connection to a different level. The show plays with the classic toolbar of a pantomime- we need to shout out loud and remind characters of certain things- ‘It’s behind your back!’

The original story is well known by everyone, that’s the reason why the eventual changes in the plot and situational jokes work so well. In this case, Cinderella is a modern woman who makes her own decisions and ‘only cooks because she likes to’.

‘Cinders’ was played by the always smiling and cheerful Faye Campbell, meanwhile, Benjamin Lafayette gave a taste of a very humane and down-to-earth Prince Charming. Andy Day portrayed the optimistic Dandini meanwhile Max Fulham interacted the most with the audience as the lovely and naive Buttons.

My personal favourites, the ugly stepsisters were played by Robin Simpson and Paul Hawkyard, who managed to tell 36 jokes about Disney characters! The clumsy but super helpful fairy who eventually receives her magic wand was played by Sarah Leatherbarrow. 

The jubilant stage setting was designed by Phil Daniels and Michelle Marden, and for the magical costumes, Helga Wood was in charge. The theatre company is complemented by a group of young and talented dancers and Duo Fusion aerialists. 

Picture credit: York Theatre Royal

The show finishes with a fantastic finale of all characters and dancers on the stage singing Beyonce’s Crazy In Love. And we finally get to know, what happens if you push the button…You won’t believe it until you see it!

Cinderella runs until the 2nd of January at York Theatre Royal, you can book your tickets here.