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York River Art Market

York river art market 19-06-16

Come Saturday, artist from all over Yorkshire will be coming together once more to exhibit and sell their work in a new Art Market Venture, located by on Dame Judi Dench Walk by the Lendal Bridge side of York River Ouse. Artists and creators of all kinds gather along the railings behind Museum Gardens, showing everything from traditionally carved wooden spoons to screen prints, from stained glass to watercolours.

Organiser Charlotte Dawson, a York-based curator and artist herself, said that she was keen for students and graduates to have a platform for their work. With recent closures announced, such as the University’s Art Studios in Wentworth College, opportunities for York’s cultural scene to grow should not be overlooked.

This writer strolled along the riverside last Sunday for the first of the three markets, and can confirm that despite having an impressively debilitating hangover, it was pretty blissful. Granted, it was a beautiful day anyway, but nonetheless the artists were chatty and knowledgeable, and there was a wealth of different styles – textured pastel oils, deep-framed monochrome prints and more traditional watercolours. Dame Judi Dench walk is actually a lovely little stretch in itself that I’d not come across before. If sunshine, ice cream barges and friendly, arty folk are your cup of tea, then it’s a no-brainer.

If the weather and quality of work on show continues, there is no doubt that the River Arts market will continue to be a success, and hopefully become a much-needed fixture in York’s summer calendar. The next two markets will be held this Sunday 3rd June, and then Saturday 9th, beginning at 10.00 am.

If you’d like to support the market, or find out more information, find them on Facebook or Twitter.