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Double-bill screenings of Alien and Prometheus next week

If you have any interest in film or science fiction, you will be aware of Alien, Ridley Scott’s 1979 masterpiece. It’s a tense space-horror, utilising a brilliant cast and budgetary limits to make an unforgettable claustrophobic thrill-ride. The franchise has expanded since, and Scott rejoined in in 2012 to deliver Prometheus. Now, with his third instalment Alien: Covenant on the horizon, City Screen and Vue York have decided to throw an ‘Alien Day’ so you can see it on the big screen all over again.

On Wednesday 26th April, at 6:30pm, you can see Alien: The Director’s Cut and Prometheus for yourself and even catch a glimpse of the next instalment with an exclusive look at Covenant. What’s more, those who attend the double-bill at City Screen and show their booking confirmation or ticket stub at the box office (on Wednesday 26th) will receive a free ticket to their preview of Alien: Covenant on 11th May!

So what are you waiting for? This is the perfect opportunity to experience the Ridley Scott-directed entries into the Alien saga the way there were meant to be seen.

Alien: Covenant will be in cinemas across the UK from 12th May 2017. Image source: Screenrant.com