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Until The End: Part 11

On the far-flung planet of Hayveon Blaze, a plucky army commander, is fighting a seemingly hopeless battle.  In a universe where empires span solar systems, a great war has split the galaxy into three. UCEF, the Union of Creature Energy Force, is an alliance of aliens fighting for freedom and justice. But set against the Cosmaratic Empire and the Barrens, an empire with mind-controlled citizens, UCEF must achieve the impossible in order to win peace.

Part 11

“Given the situation, I accept.” Blaze replied, he did not expect he would be around for much longer either way. Grim and morbid though it was, he doubted anybody would be alive in an hour’s time. Nonetheless he would take the role, not that he thought he would be able to do much as bastion commander, but the principal of having a visible leader would strengthen morale.

“Excellent, just granting you access to all of R112’s data,” one of the Dinos informed him. Blaze almost smiled, he had probably just experienced the fastest promotion in military history; and likely the shortest as well.

Blaze pulled his minicomputer from its holder and tapped the screen as a whole string of files flooded onto it. Most of it would be R112’s personal documents and information; the rest would be reports, which would be of no use now. It was just the access and command he was after. At his instruction a full display of the bastion lit up. It was similar to a blueprint overlaid with a tactical readout of troop positions and predicted enemy locations. The latter was more a sea of advancing blue around the map rather than individual dots. Blaze studied it carefully, he knew there was not much time and he had to come up with a good plan.

“Okay, move my troops to the third tower, it’s lacking support. I want anybody with heavy weapons covering the northern gate, that’s where the majority of the Barren force will hit. Relocate the squads at the southern gate to the northern wall for the same reason, no point defending the south from a possible attack when we know the Barrens are in the north. By the time they circle round to the south it’ll probably be over anyway. Move those too wounded to fight into this complex, that’ll keep them out of harm’s way and out of our troops way. Any who are still capable should come down here and help you oversee the battle. That spaceship we still have, move it to behind the northern gate, we’ll self-destruct it when the Barrens come through.”

“What sir? Why waste it? We were going to save it in case it became necessary to escape,” one of the Dinos interrupted in surprise. Blaze shook his head, they still clung to the hope they could make it off this planet alive.

“Pointless, it’d be shot down before it even got airborne. The Barrens have enough anti-air weaponry to take out several fair sized squadrons of fighters, one ship would never survive and they’ll be expecting us to make a break for it. Anyway, it’s either that or let the Barrens take it when they break in. Strip the guns off it if possible, we can try to use them,” Blaze countermanded.

“Very well sir.”

“The blast will easily be enough to take out whatever the Barrens use to breach the gate. After that we engage them in close combat. When the Barrens get inside all troops should abandon their posts, except those with heavy weapons who will stop the Barrens spreading into the base. I want everybody to find a melee weapon of some kind, a rusted pipe if nothing else and then strike them where it hurts. We have a considerable advantage in close quarters and we’d do well to make use of it,” Blaze continued. For the Dino race possessed phenomenal physical strength and a mace blow from a Dino could flatten a whole squad of Barrens; the others nodded their agreement.

“Doubtless they will push forwards and when they do we’ll fall back here. The Barrens will struggle to make much ground in the small corridors, where their numbers won’t help. We’ll have the upper hand and we’ll make it count. In the end I guess they’ll blow through the walls and breach this complex in too many places for us to be able to hold. Then we retreat to this command room and make our last stand,” Blaze concluded, it was a sound plan.

“Do you think it’ll come to that?”

“Without a doubt, you’ve seen the numbers we’re up against, we’ll take a heavy toll but we can’t possibly win.” Blaze replied, not wishing to lie.

“Very well,” the Dino replied quietly as the inevitability of his fate settled in like a sunken ship coming to rest on the seabed. The five Dinos quickly began relaying Blaze’s orders, plans and final instructions, each designed to maximise the damage they could inflict before the end came.

“What of the wounded sir? What happens when the Barrens break in?” Blaze went silent, he did not want to answer that and his lack of reply was enough of a response anyway.


Blaze’s attention returned to his computer. A blinking icon caught his eye; it was a document with a flashing exclamation mark over it. Curiously he pressed it and it opened up to give a quick note R112 had written and flagged as important. ‘Caves situated beneath command complex.’

“I wasn’t aware of any caves beneath this base?” Blaze remarked.

“Caves? There aren’t any sir, survey teams confirmed solid rock when this base was constructed, that’s why the bastion was built here.”

“Odd, because this note says a digging team found some about a week ago.”

“That can’t be possible.”


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