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Until The End: Part 13

On the far-flung planet of Hayveon Blaze, a plucky army commander, is fighting a seemingly hopeless battle.  In a universe where empires span solar systems, a great war has split the galaxy into three. UCEF, the Union of Creature Energy Force, is an alliance of aliens fighting for freedom and justice. But set against the Cosmaratic Empire and the Barrens, an empire with mind-controlled citizens, UCEF must achieve the impossible in order to win peace.

Part 13

Blaze quickly changed from his standard uniform into the black under-suit that hung on a hook beside the PASHAS. He could barely get it on he was trembling with excitement so much. Getting a grip of himself he faced the open armour, a wide grin playing across his face. Then, turning round, he stepped backwards into it, neatly fitting his body into the open casing he nodded to the Dino.

“Fire it up!” Blaze instructed with anticipation. The Dino tapped a few controls on the rig that the armour was attached to and with a roar the energy core activated. Blaze felt the vibrations through the PASHAS and a slight static crackle made his fur stand on end as it powered up.

“Armouring up now sir,” the Dino relayed, pressing another button. One after another in quick succession the plates of armour swung shut, sealing Blaze in. Starting at his foot paws the casing closed, working up his body until, with a resounding clang, the immensely thick chest plates banged together and locked into place. Then the two pieces of the helmet slid in from either side and sealed Blaze into a dark sarcophagus. He gazed at the room through the orange tinted visor, everything seemed very dull and dark. He could feel the enormous weight of the armour pressing down on him, then with a roar the PASHAS came fully online. It felt akin to casting off a heavy military pack, instantly all the weight vanished and his limbs freed up. The visor flared to life, filling his view with a tactical overlay and a heads up display. A stream of green coloured data flashed in front of his eyes confirming the suit was functioning at optimum level.

“Releasing,” he heard a voice remark from outside. It was picked up through microphones then relayed inside his helmet via a speaker; the whole suit was air tight, his own oxygen coming from a built in air recycler. There was a series of hisses and clangs as clamps, cables and pipes disconnected from the PASHAS before falling limply to the floor. Then the braces released and he was free to move.

Blaze took his first tentative step forwards, the motors in the leg joint responded perfectly, mirroring his movements instantly; the floor shook as his heavy boot came down. Rolling his shoulders he moved forwards with a wicked grin; the suit was remarkably easy to use and nowhere near as heavy as he had expected, in fact, he could barely feel its weight. Never in all his wildest dreams would he have imagined he would be standing as he did, inside one of the most advanced pieces of technology, it was thrilling.

“Very good sir, all working well?”

“Definitely!” Blaze’s voice boomed over the speaker.

“Your weapons are here sir,” the Dino said, indicating a rack adjacent to the now empty PASHAS rig. With a series of heavy boot falls Blaze turned round and, if it were possible, his smile grew even wider. Resting in their brackets were two awesome weapons, an energy cannon and a huge energy sword. Flexing his paws he reached out and gripped the cannon, a metre long weapon with braces that would lock onto his left arm, so that to aim he merely had to point his arm. With a bit of help he got it affixed and bolted in place. Then he grasped the energy sword and pulled it from its holder like a knight of old might a sword from its scabbard. The blade was silvery black in colour, belying its nitrul-zarnk make up, two of the strongest known metals. It was double bladed, about a metre and a half long and a paws width across. Anybody else would have needed both paws to even lift such a weapon, but with the additional strength of the PASHAS he hefted it with ease. The weapons felt perfect in his grip, as if they were destined to be there. Blaze swung the sword in a smooth arc, it sang through the air, eager for battle.

“Excellent sir! Now go and stomp those Barrens!” The Dino exclaimed with a gleeful expression. Even he could not keep a straight face when contemplating the glorious devastation a PASHAS could cause; he led Blaze back into the main room then from there up to the surface. The corridors were just tall enough for him to move in and he had to keep reassuring himself he was not about to hit his head. Blaze emerged into the courtyard and quickly scanned it, though it seemed impossible, it was more of a mess than before. Barren artillery was still falling upon the bastion and the fires of burning buildings had spread, blanketing most of the compound with thick black smoke. Blaze was pleased to see the spaceship had indeed been moved to the position behind the north gate as he had requested.

“Good luck sir!” The Dino shouted over the clamour of battle, he banged his paw against his chest twice and disappeared back into the command complex. Blaze nodded when he was safely inside and then turned to the northern gate; it was time to crush some Barrens.

He thundered across the courtyard and up to the wall, his movements slower than normal, but not by much. Heading inside the nearest tower he climbed up to the parapet, each step shaking the stairs. He emerged onto it and was met by a chorus of cheers from the Dinos there.

“Glad to see you found some toys sir!” R318 greeted Blaze, looking at the armoured figure before him.

“And time to put them to good use!” Blaze’s voice roared in reply, he moved up onto a firing step and straightening up looked over the parapet. Lining his energy cannon up with the sea of advancing Barrens he let drive with a thunderous volley.


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