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Until The End: Part 15

On the far-flung planet of Hayveon Blaze, a plucky army commander, is fighting a seemingly hopeless battle.  In a universe where empires span solar systems, a great war has split the galaxy into three. UCEF, the Union of Creature Energy Force, is an alliance of aliens fighting for freedom and justice. But set against the Cosmaratic Empire and the Barrens, an empire with mind-controlled citizens, UCEF must achieve the impossible in order to win peace.

Part 15

The instant after the tank went down a storm of energy blasts raked the walls as the Barrens released a defiant and vengeful volley. Blaze hastily stepped down from the firing step before he suffered any fierce retribution.

Their defences were a mess, at several points along the top of the bastions wall the parapet wall had been blown in. The majority of the Dinos were hiding behind the remaining sections and firing from the relative safety of the gun ports. Debris and the bodies of the fallen littered the walkway, although thankfully there were not too many of the latter. Nevertheless, they simply did not have enough troops to hold the Barrens back.

No sooner had the thought gone through his mind when a loud broadcaster blared a thunderous note across the battlefield like a gong heralding impending doom. Blaze could almost imagine the Reaper waking at such a noise and striding towards the bastion, his analogy was not too far off. All along the trenches Barrens leapt up and rushed forwards like a floodtide spilling over coastal defences. More Barrens than he cared to count sprinted towards them under the covering fire of those further back. He did not need to be told this was it, the final charge upon the bastion.

“Now is the time lads! Drive them back!” Blaze’s voice boomed across the defences, not that his soldiers really needed telling, it was more to try and convey a sense that the defenders still had a leader. Blaze’s energy cannon roared, but for every blue clad figure he took down three more were already running in to take their comrade’s place. Despite the hideous casualties inflicted upon them the Barrens reached the foot of the bastion wall in a bare minute. Hundreds of metallic twangs sounded from below, Blaze knew only too well what that meant.

“Draw your blades!” His voice yelled as the first wave of grappling irons shot up and over the parapet, digging into the concmetal. Reaching over his back Blaze seized the hilt of the huge energy sword and uncoupled it from its magnetic holding. With a sharp stab of a button it fired up, a crackling green field of energy igniting around the silvery black blade. Several similar crackles sounded from along the wall as those who had them drew energy weapons, the rest simply unsheathed zarnk swords.

Moving as fast as he could Blaze thundered along the walkway slashing the steel cables, sending the Barrens on the other ends tumbling back down. He only managed to cut four before the first Barren came whizzing up a grappling line, drawn up by the small but powerful motor on the other end of it. Blaze fired a single energy bolt into the surprised Barren’s chest as he clambered over the wall, throwing him back. Five more were already climbing over the rim, rifles clasped in their cruel grips. The static crackle of energy gunfire broke out. Within moments the walkway disappeared into chaos as the UCEF forces desperately fought to keep the Barrens off the wall. At first shooting them back, but then being forced into brutal hand to hand combat as more invaders scrabbled over the parapet.

Three Barrens were just finding their feet a couple of metres from Blaze. Their bayoneted rifles swung round to focus on a Dino slightly further along, who was busy wrestling with a squad commander. Blaze pounded towards them, crackling energy sword raised. Too late the Barrens noticed the metal behemoth bearing down on them. His first sword stroke cleaved the nearest Barren in two, such was the force behind it. The second Barren just managed to parry the return swing with his gun barrel. The sheer force of the blow drove the man backwards with a resounding clang of metal on metal, his knees buckling. Blaze lashed out with his right foot paw, catching the Barren in the chest with the full strength of the PASHAS. Needless to say the guy went crashing backwards, taking out the third Barren in the process who was just drawing his sword.

Blaze grinned as they desperately tried to pick themselves up; he was upon them before they could, they did not stand a chance. Leaping up he landed on top of one crushing him like an egg in a vice. His sweeping sword blow decapitated the other, the energised blade cutting through flesh and bone with ease. Blaze looked up, in need of more targets, his blood now pumping with adrenalin and the thrill of close quarters fighting. Inside the PASHAS he felt invincible and all he wanted was to crush the enemies of UCEF.

The Dinos were not faring too badly, their strength giving them a considerable edge over the Barrens who were simply relying on numbers. The Dino with the heavy energy gun Blaze had met earlier had found himself a good perch on the side of the North West tower and was making life painful for the Barrens. R3318 had a group rallied around him, all of whom were fighting like enraged Salkra, the vicious alpha predators, cutting Barrens down left and right. Everywhere he looked the walkway was lost in close proximity firefights and swirling melees.

With another burst of his energy cannon Blaze rushed back into the fray, his massive energy sword dealing death to all in his path. Barrens were either cut down or crushed before him. Even at such close range their energy rifles were useless against his armour; he was just beginning to realise why SHAS Dinos were such lethal warriors.

“Sir!” A voice yelled desperately from the small raised section that sat above the gate. Blaze turned his armoured head to see a Dino desperately holding back an advancing mob of Barrens. Instantly Blaze levelled his energy cannon at them and let drive, green energy blasts hammering into the Barren’s unprotected backs; the survivors hastily dived for cover. “It’s a distraction! The gate!” The Dino shouted pointing over the wall. Blaze’s gaze followed the direction of the outstretched paw and saw several teams of Barrens rigging explosives to the gate. His heart froze. The Barrens were not trying to take the walls, merely trying to keep the UCEF forces busy! They were going to breach the gate!


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