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Until The End: Part 19

On the far-flung planet of Hayveon Blaze, a plucky army commander is fighting a seemingly hopeless battle. In a universe where empires span solar systems, a great war has split the galaxy into three. UCEF, the Union of Creature Energy Force, is an alliance of aliens fighting for freedom and justice. But set against the Cosmaratic Empire and the Barrens, an empire with mind-controlled citizens, UCEF must achieve the impossible in order to win peace.

Part 19

Blaze’s visor beeped at him with an irritating sound that indicated his gun was out of charge yet again. While it powered up for the hundredth time he assessed the situation once more; the Barrens had as yet made no headway, the bulk of their initial force having been driven back. Despite the fact they had sent in heavy troops armed with energy shields, the Dinos had held the breach against the flood. The walkway however was another matter entirely. Up there the Barrens were on the cusp of victory, with only the heavy energy gunners based on the roof holding their advance back. But nevertheless it was like trying to stop the tide coming in with naught but bucket and spade. Eventually and inevitably something would give; it happened only moments later.

“Sir!” A shrill voice cried over the comms in his ear, “the Barrens are about to…” there was a crackle and the channel went dead. Checking the origin of the distress signal Blaze ascertained it was from the eastern gate.

“The eastern gate has been breached!” The Dino in the command bunker informed him in a panicked voice, speaking only seconds later;  Blaze cursed. There was no way to provide back up on that front as well they were only just holding together as it was.

“Very well,” Blaze replied simply as his gun beeped indicating full charge. He expected the Barrens would flood in from the eastern gate in an attempt to overrun the northern one. The UCEF troops would be caught between a hammer and an anvil. With two breached gates and walls close to falling, defence was no longer an option.

“All Dinos, to me!” Blaze boomed over the symphony of gunfire and explosions. Providing covering fire where he could Blaze supported the UCEF forces as they rallied to him. The remaining Dinos on the walls scrambled or leapt down, before sprinting to join Blaze. Not one soldier questioned Blaze’s seemingly absurd order; despite the fact they were basically giving the walkway to the Barrens. The concentration of blue energy blasts increased as yet more Barrens gained entry to the bastion.

“Now with me!” Blaze roared as he fired up his sword with a crackle of energy, he pounded across the courtyard heading towards the eastern gate. Multiple energy blasts struck him, but none penetrated. With the UCEF forces following in his monstrous wake he ran to what he knew was coming. Rounding the corner he met it.

A swarm of Barren men had just entered the bastion via the eastern gate and were rushing round to assist their comrades at the northern gate. Instead they met practically the entire UCEF force coming the other way.

“For UCEF! For freedom!” The Dinos yelled as one, waving their weapons as they charged like primal warriors. The Barrens pulled up short, seeing what was racing towards them, before hastily trying to set up firing ranks to stop the UCEF onslaught. But they were too late, the distance between the two forces closed in a few seconds; a few Dinos fell to gunfire, but not many. Blaze raised his massive sword, every nerve tingling. Charging alongside his fine soldiers into the ranks of the enemy, it was glorious. In the split second before the two sides collided he saw the terror etched on the Barren’s faces, they knew they were dead.

Blaze barrelled into the front rank of Barrens, left shoulder first, sending men flying before he swung his massive sword, cutting them down. Beside him R3318 struck at the Barrens, his sword slashing like a whip. Blaze saw an enraged R3272 leap upon the Barrens an oversized wrench clasped in both paws. The Barrens barely had chance to draw their own swords before they were struck with a titanic force akin to an intercontinental train colliding with the buffers. Then Blaze himself was in the midst of it, hacking left and right.

The Barrens crumpled under the attack, barely offering even token resistance. The UCEF forces pushed them right back up to the eastern gate, or rather, the wreckage of the eastern gate. Finally the Barrens managed to find their feet and started fighting back; more began to arrive from the now vulnerable northern gate. However the UCEF troops had the advantage; the Barrens could not shoot for fear of hitting their own, plus the Dinos were far more skilled in close quarters combat, partially due to their sheer strength. Nor could the Barrens pull out of the melee as the Dinos simply leapt on them as they scurried away. Hence they were being forced to fight hand to hand against more or less the entirety of the UCEF force.

Blaze kicked a broken Barren away and charged a trio who were trying to bring their guns to bear. But he did not even reach them, R3272 was upon them first, laying into them like a vengeful whirlwind, wrench spinning and swiping.

The Bastion was lost, the walls overrun and the gates breached; now it was simply a case of how many Barrens they could take down with them. Blaze lifted his swor…

“Sir! I think you might want to check this out, you were right! There are caves beneath the base… I …I can’t make sense of what I’m seeing, but they appear to be huge,” the Dino in the command bunker interrupted him, his voice low and quiet, “there is certainly something down there.”

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