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Until The End: Part 2

On the far-flung planet of Hayveon Blaze, a plucky army commander, is fighting a seemingly hopeless battle.  In a universe where empires span solar systems, a great war has split the galaxy into three. UCEF, the Union of Creature Energy Force, is an alliance of aliens fighting for freedom and justice. But set against the Cosmaratic Empire and the Barrens, an empire with mind-controlled citizens, UCEF must achieve the impossible in order to win peace.

Part 2.

The other Dino hastily replaced the barricade as soon as they were all inside.

“Med team!” The Dino carrying the injured soldier shouted, as he and Blaze carefully placed the wounded Dino down. The Dino in question groaned and leant back against a crate, eyes closed. Within moments a pair of medics hurried over and began attending to him, quickly administering powerful drugs and painkillers. Seeing that the soldier was in safe hands, Blaze turned to the others.

“Glad to see some of you made it, report soldier,” the Dino who seemed to be leading the defences ordered.

“Blaze, commander of Legion R12,” Blaze replied, banging his right fist against his chest twice in the standard UCEF salute.

“Oh! Sorry sir! I didn’t realise who you were sir,” the Dino apologised and returned the salute in a fluster.

“At ease Dino…” Blaze instructed.

“R318 sir, squad commander,” he replied relaxing and Blaze simply nodded. The Dino race was a very logical one and deemed names unnecessary, having code numbers instead. Blaze was a rare exception; one he prided himself on being. He had earned himself the name after the battle of Oredon in which he had overseen the destruction of a battle army belonging to the Cosmaratic Empire. He had lured their forces into a valley that had been soaked with rotherium, a near odourless fuel. It had been high summer and the grass and shrubs had been bone dry… The resulting blaze had earned him his name in recognition of his victory.

“What’s the situation?” Blaze demanded. In answer to his question a burst of heavy gunfire sounded from above and a stream of blue energy blasts flashed overhead.

“Barrens advancing on almost all fronts! We’ve got about a hundred heading our way sir,” R318 reported.

Lowering his own voice so only R318 could hear, Blaze asked his next question, “What are our chances, honestly? If the situation is hopeless we will fall back into the bastion.”

“I’m not sure sir, now you’re here with those other two that puts us at thirty six battle ready soldiers. Your lot did a good job of slowing the Barren’s advance in the trenches, so they shouldn’t have anything heavy moving this way, yet,” R318 replied in an undertone.

“I lost a lot of good soldiers out there,” Blaze lamented. “Casualties were high, very high.” In his mind’s eye he saw the fallen, lying slumped in the trenches, every one of them was a painful loss.

“I am sorry sir, but you played your part, you’ve broken the order of the Barren’s front lines. However if we fall back we’ll be leaving the bastion’s northern gate vulnerable.”

“Then we fight, we need to break their advance or like you said they’ll hit the bastion with everything,” Blaze decided casting a glance backwards. Another set of defences stood before the bastion, made out of large sheets of metal bolted together to form a sturdy wall and walkway. This second ring was smaller than the one they were currently in and would act as a secondary layer of defence should the first fall. Behind this second defensive ring stood the northern gate to the bastion, zarnk doors firmly shut. The tough metal had been imported from off world to strengthen the defences.

“Yes sir. All able bodied fighters to the walls! Let’s drive the Barrens back!” R318 shouted. The Dinos who had been resting or recovering picked themselves up and made for the defensive walls. Their position consisted of a two metres high wall with a walkway near the top, currently all that stood before Blaze and the Barren army.

Blaze paused as his eyes fell on a nervous soldier, his paws shaking slightly as they gripped the stock of his gun. Dinos were a powerful race, ‘mutant rabbits,’ that was the description he normally heard. They were roughly humanoid with rabbit heads and long white ears, commonly tucked into helmets. Their legs were almost permanently bent but their sturdy muscular bodies were straight. While you would not exactly say they had hands, their paws were a close approximation, with short digits and opposable thumbs like Humans. However physically impressive Dinos were, when Blaze looked into the black eyes of this soldier he saw fear.

“What’s your name soldier?” Blaze asked calmly.

“R3298 sir,” he replied looking timidly at his superior.

“Is something wrong R3298?” Blaze continued gently.

“I… I’m scared sir, sorry,” he apologised. Blaze half smiled, as if being scared of an advancing Barren battle army was something to be sorry for.

“We all are, but we’re not going to let them see that,” Blaze said the volume of his voice building as he spoke. “We’re only going to show them the barrels of our guns and the edges of our blades! We are soldiers of UCEF, the Union of Creatures Energy Force! And who are these Humans to push us from this world? For UCEF!” Blaze roared.

“For UCEF! For freedom!” Chorused the assembled Dinos from the surrounding walls. Blaze turned back to R3298, the echo of the war cry still ringing.

“Come on R3298, let’s show them who should be afraid!” Blaze cried.

R3298 perked up, inspired by the fiery rhetoric of Blaze, a sense of pride building.

“They should be!” he answered with conviction and renewed vigour, tightening the grip on his gun he grabbed the ladder that led up to the defensive wall.

“Indeed they should!” Blaze replied following R3298 up onto the walkway, R318 clambering up after him.

Blaze narrowed his eyes and unslung the energy rifle from his back. It was a long and powerful standard issue weapon, capable of firing thirty shots before recharging. Many a Barren had met his end looking into the barrel of this gun. Kneeling by the parapet he leant his gun on the edge, peering down the sights into the trenches, now overrun with Barrens.

The fight was on.


Look out for Part 3 of Matthew Gill’s story!