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Georgie Interview

Effortlessly cool and down to earth was all I had to say after meeting new-girl-on-the-scene, Georgie. After listening to her recent track, ‘Company of Thieves’ there was an instant flashback to 60s rock and roll but with real lyrical grit and strong vocals as she shunned the f***boy generation – “Did I come to your flat with a sign on my back saying screw me over? Did you think we were friends while you made your plans for me to discover?”

Following humble beginnings in Mansfield, the 21-year old is now touring with Jake Bugg at various venues around the country. We caught up with her at the O2 Academy in Leeds before she was due to perform.


When did you first start playing and performing?

I was about 14 I think when I first picked up a guitar, and then I just started going to open mic nights in Mansfield.

Is there much of a music scene in Mansfield?

No there wasn’t, it was like kinda old men pubs – a place called the Railway Inn, opposite Sports Direct [she laughs] I started playing there twice a week, underage, and then I starting going to Nottingham and started playing gigs there, open mics. Then people started asking me to play more gigs and stuff. That’s pretty much how it started.

So who would you say are your biggest musical influences? People have described you as Amy Winehouse-esque because of your gritty lyrics – is that a fair comparison?

I’d take that, she’s deffo inspired people a lot. But she’s not one of my main inspirations, mine are Stevie Nicks, Patti Smith and those strong females back in the day, really. They are probably my main ones – PJ Harvey as well, I’m a big fan of hers.

What was is it like being spotted by Matthew E. White (Spacebomb Studios) and recording in the States?  It sounds pretty surreal.

Yeah it was amazing, he was over here on a tour because he’s got two records out himself, which are amazing. He just heard my music, we got connected… a few phone calls later I was flying out to Virginia which was super weird. But it was amazing to work with him, he’s such, like, a wizard. He’s just a naturally born musician, I think.

Do you think you’d want to ever go back to the States? Or are you a bit more of a Midlands girl at heart?

I’m a midlands girl at heart but I could easily go back to America. I could probably live there for a few years to be honest. [laughing].

Quite happily I’m sure. So I was looking through the lyrics of ‘Company of Thieves’ – quite sassy. Was there an inspiration or personal experience for that? Or was is more just the classic ‘lad’ story?

Yeah there was, because it’s quite a direct song. So the lyrics are really true, to be honest. Like word for word, truth. It’s deffo pointing the finger at one particular guy.

We all have that guy! We relate.

Ah that’s good, that’s good! Because that’s what I wanted to do. As a young woman, I know young women have been through the exact same stuff. We’ve all been through it, so it’s amazing that people can relate to it. That’s always important. I think the chorus ‘Company of Thieves’ can be quite general too. We’ve all been in the company of thieves – cheaters, liars – even if it’s friends or family or whatever.

But it does have the empowered side to it too which we definitely approve of.

 How has touring with Jake Bugg been so far? You’ve got a date coming up in Nottingham, are you looking forward to that?

Yeah, Nottingham should be quite a special one. It’s a hometown show for Jake and myself, so it should be pretty special. The tour has been great – it’s been amazing to play venues like this, with a band who are great. We’ve just had a lot of fun – we’re kinda taking it in our stride really and enjoying it.

Do you think the touring life is for you?

Yeah, it feels like home. (I mention something about the big tour vans we’d seen outside the Academy) We haven’t got one of them, we’ve just got a little white transit van [laughs] but it still feels like home! Which is weird when I think about it.

If you could tour with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

The dead one would probably be Elvis Presley. That would be so much fun, and I could wear one of his gold suits as well. Aaannnnnddd, alive would be Fleetwood Mac.

Solid choice. So you performed at Glastonbury earlier this year, how was that? What was the best part of your time there?

I only went for the day but it was the first time I’d ever been to Glastonbury. I’d always watched it on TV growing up so it was amazing for my first time to be playing was incredible. It was a super experience. It’s really muddy.

Did you manage to get the full Glasto experience? Any wellies?

I did – I took my Doc Martins and when I got home and it was just like a mud boot [laughs]. I had to spend a day trying to clean them.

Are you hoping to go again next year?

Yeah, I’d love to play it again. 100%. It’s like the dream festival really.

It really is. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What’s the dream?

… Ah, that’s a good question. (Internal high five from me) Well, doing this still. Making music. I don’t care about fame or anything like that, to be honest. Just hopefully more records and people being inspired by it and relating to it.

You’ve only got one song released at the minute, ‘Company of Thieves’. What can we expect from the rest of the tracks on your debut album? When can we expect that to be released?

Well, they’re all different but there are very similar in the fact they are just honest, truthful songs. I go back out to Virginia in January to finish it, so it’ll all be done by the end of January. So I don’t know when it’ll be released, but next year at some point.


I stayed to watch her performance at the O2 Academy and were blown away at how she was able to own the stage.  Warm, sinuous bass lines  filled the room as her cutting  powerful vocals resonated across the room. I left the gig completely hooked by her down-to-earth charm and thinking up a Spotify playlist of her musical influences. I can’t wait to hear the rest of her debut album.

Georgie’s single, ‘Company of Thieves’ is out now. Follow Georgie on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – @officialgeorgie or visit her website www.georgieofficial.co.uk to keep up to date with Georgie news