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Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage

leo's red carpet rampage
Copyright The Line Animation

The anticipation, the disappointment, the ups and downs, the never-ending hope; it’s the thing of great stories.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s inability to convert any of his previous Oscar nominations into awards over the last number of years has become quite the cultural touchstone. It’s what everyone talks about ever year as the awards season comes around (whether he’s been nominated or not), his loses has been heavily debated and he’s launched his own meme. It was only a matter of time really before someone created a game about his struggles.

And here it is, Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage! Created in the style of classic 8-bit games and with character movement that puts you in mind of a Super Mario Bros. game, Rampage pokes fun at Leo, his films and the Oscars in general.  At heart a simple racing game that requires a lot of button-mashing, Rampage puts you in Leo’s shoes as you race towards the elusive Oscar, battling against your fellow nominees, paparazzi, Lady Gaga and even the Oscar statue itself. The highlight of the game is definitely the bonus rounds which include a master class in the DiCaprio School of Acting – it’s all in the eyebrows – , reliving the infamous Quaaludes scene from The Wolf of Wall Street, and the all too real ‘Find the Black Nominee’.

Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage does not pretend to be anything other than a bit of fun and a good-hearted chuckle at one of the most famous actors in the world in the run up to what, many expect, will be his Oscar win. So get in on the action, ready your ‘G’ and ‘H’ keys and bring some ice packs because there is no way to win this game but you will still give yourself hand cramps trying.