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Minnie Mouse: 87 and still fabulous


After 87 years in show business, Minnie Mouse is still one of the most iconic cartoon characters in the world. Originally created by Walt Disney and UB Iwerks in 1928, Minnie went on to become a much loved children’s figure. While it is not clear whether she and Mickey are married or just girlfriend and boyfriend, Walt Disney did say in an interview in 1933 that they were married.

Minnie’s full name is Minerva Mouse and she is the daughter of two famers. Mortimer Mouse, which the name originally meant for Mickey, is Minnie’s uncle and many more of Minnie’s family members have been seen throughout Disney.


Designed in the fashion of the time, Minnie’s look has changed but she still has many elements of her original look. Dressing like a 1920’s flapper girl, Minnie’s trademark red polkadot bow (which was added later) makes her one of the most recognizable Disney characters.

While she has been shown in different outfits throughout her life, the writers/artists still bring Minnie back to the character for which she is known, keeping true to the original Minnie.

Minnie Mouse has grown over the years into a strong recognisable character. She is given a more motherly persona which is often shown when she is helping with animals or children. Her kind nature and dependency as a character make her recognisable and loved by all.

While she was initially created in America, the fame of Minnie Mouse has spread across the world. Her character is still popular amongst children today as well as the adults who grew up with her. Minnie’s image can be seen across many items including everything from t-shirts to swimsuits and sunglasses to shoes.

Despite originally coming from the 1920’s and being modelled on the fashion of the era, Minnie has always looked fabulous, even 87 years later. As times change and Disney evolves even further, one thing is for sure, Minnie Mouse will always remain faithful to Disney’s original character.