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Review: Kate Nash, Agenda

Image Credit: Kelsey Hart
Image Credit: Kelsey Hart
Image Credit: Kelsey Hart

You probably know her best for her 2007 hit single ‘Foundations’, number one hit album Made of Bricks, and as the winner of the 2008 Brit Award’s Best Female artist, and now Kate Nash is back with her new EP Agenda!

Since 2007, Kate has released a further two albums and is set to appear in Netflix’s new series Glow this summer. Kate has announced a UK tour in August to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of Made of Bricks and has announced a fourth studio album which will be released early next year, for which she is crowd funding.

On the 22nd April, Kate released her first EP in four years, Agenda. I’d been excited for its release ever since I went to her gig in Leeds earlier this year, where she performed the title track. The release date also coincided with Record Store Day, which Kate is an ambassador for, so in the morning I headed down to Earworm records in York to buy it for myself.


‘Call Me’

The first track, ‘Call Me’, was released as a single prior to the EP’s launch and sounds a lot more like Kate’s older indie-pop songs. In my opinion, and, correct me if I’m wrong, Kate, the main message from this song is for those who struggle with mental health, with lyrics such as “Sometimes when it gets rough/ I feel like giving up/ I feel like I’m not tough enough, to face the real stuff” standing out to me.

Mental health awareness is a cause which Kate feels very strongly about. She campaigned for increased awareness alongside her February tour in association with the charity Mind. This song shows her continuous support for those suffering from mental health conditions. It also spreads the message that there is always support out there for people who need it, shown through the lyrics “You can call me baby, when you feel like that” and “You’re the one, with the sun, feel that power, and lift me up”.


The second song is the title track, ‘Agenda’, which is easily my favourite track on the EP. This song illustrates Kate’s passion for feminism, with one of my favourite lines being “You’re wishing it was pre-73, so it was easy for you to suppress me”. Kate is no stranger to protesting for equality, marching for women’s rights in Washington earlier this year. The lyric “There’s people marching in the street/Look what we made from just one tweet/Well, I don’t give a f**k about your agenda” spreads the word that we should stand up for what we believe in, and not be afraid to speak up for our rights!


‘One Eye’

The third track, ‘One Eye’, has a completely different sound from the other three songs. It sounds a lot more like her second album, My Best Friend Is You. This one is about a love affair gone wrong, a betrayal, and getting revenge. This song showcases Kate’s amazing songwriting skills, with the second verse being my favourite. If this song is about a specific someone, no doubt they’ve heard it and are sleeping with one eye open!

‘My Little Alien’

The last song is ‘My Little Alien’, which was released late last year and received positive reviews. This song is an upbeat pop song which Kate wrote about her dog, and it oozes positivity. It’s the sort of song which you want to sing-a-long to, a song that puts a smile on your face. This is something which we all need a lot more of in the world!

I’ve been waiting for this record to come out for months, and it was worth the wait! A definite ten out of ten in my books. The style of this EP seems like a mix of all three previous albums, each with its own distinct style. With over $100,000 raised on her Kickstarter page, the fourth album promises to be the best one yet! I can’t wait!

You can donate to Kate’s Kickstarter campaign here.
You can listen to the EP here.
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