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Animaux Preview – 07/10


We at The Yorker are pleased to announce that we have recently entered into a collaboration with Animaux, a night where a unique blend of the best underground electronic music and visuals meet to give you an experience like no other in York. We will be creating a series of articles that will bring you event details and interviews with their acts over the academic year. Our first article is a preview of their first event of the year, which takes place on October 7th in the newly refurbished Mansion and promises to be bigger and better than ever – don’t miss it!



Mantas Zalepūga aka Endeser is an up and coming DJ from York University, who is known for his high-energy and bass driven sets. Mantas has played alongside Asa, Arka, Randomer and many others, expect some stompers!



Vacuum Systems (LIVE)

Vacuum Systems is a producer and live act at York University, combining a love for experimental music and thick rhythmic patterns, to form intense textures designed to make people dance. Vacuum Systems draws upon years of production knowledge to create a sonic tapestry that will hoover you right off your feet.




Steffan and Gwion are a duo of electronica producers hailing all the way from Wales. We have the pleasure of having them both playing for you at this and it’s going to be a stomper! Steffan is best known for being the lead vocalist for campus sensation Dandy & DeLions, however he has DJ’ed on the side for quite a while at various house parties and, more recently Mass. Gwion has been taking his hometown by storm by running two major nights. Described as a multi genre madman, he can take the audience on a journey spanning from funk to house to footwork and anything in-between. Expect some mad mixes with heavy basslines.


Habitual is a DJ based in York and hailing from London’s deep south. Growing up on a healthy diet of hip hop, UK Bass and electro, Habitual’s knack for syncopated, tribal rhythms and a sound blending London and Detroit will be an experience for your ears and your feet.