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Interview: FLAWES (Coffee House Sessions)

This is the first interview in a series of syndicated interviews with the artists that will take part in the Coffee House Sessions at The Courtyard, University of York, during this term. 

FLAWES’ self-released debut single reached #8 on Spotify’s UK Viral Chart and was playlisted on BBC Radio 1 amidst tastemaker support from Clash and The Line of Best Fit. The trio’s gift for dark, alt-electronica and huge soulful, pop choruses didn’t go unnoticed with Red Bull Records signing them to a worldwide deal.

Image Credit: Press Pack  Freddie Edward's Most Frequently Used Emojis
Freddie Edward’s Most Frequently Used Emojis

Easy one… what’s your name?


You’d describe your music as…

Alternative Pop

You’re currently listening to…

Rationale, RY X, Bruno Major & Gallant

When you’re not making music you’re…

Drinking steins at Oktoberfest

You’d like to duet with…

Dua Lipa or Halsey

Who’s your guilty pleasure?

Peter Gabriel, we all listen to ‘Sledgehammer’ as our pre-show ritual!

Image Credits: Press Pack Josh Hussey's Most Frequently Used Emojis
Josh Hussey’s Most Frequently Used Emojis

Dead or alive, who would you most like to grab a coffee with?

David Attenborough

You’re an artist because…

It gives us an outlet for our creativity and we all love the atmosphere of a live show.

Vinyl, CD or streaming?

Streaming all day long

Your party trick is…

Huss can ride a unicycle, JC can juggle & Fred is an encyclopedia when he drinks

Image Credits: Press Pack Josh Carruthers' Most Frequently Used Emojis
Josh Carruthers’ Most Frequently Used Emojis

Your hometown is X and we should visit because?

Huddersfield / Twickenham, Huddersfield for the hills & Twickenham for the rugby

Tinder or Taken?

No comment…

Snapchat, Insta, Facebook or Twitter?


The best box set ever is…

Family Guy

Coffee House Tour… what are you most excited about?

Copious amounts of caffeine and music


Enjoy free live music from FLAWES in The Courtyard, Derwent College at 5 pm on Wednesday 18th October.

Image Credits: Press Pack