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Interview: JoAnna Lee (Coffee House Sessions)

joanna lee interview coffee house sessions

Originally from Oregon but now based in the musical hotbed of Austin, Texas, JoAnna is an acoustic singer-songwriter signed to Cutmore Records (distributed by Sony BMG). Her debut album So Free was released earlier this summer to critical acclaim.

This interview is part of a series of syndicated interviews with the artists that will take part in the Coffee House Sessions at The Courtyard, University of York, during this term.

Easy one… what’s your name?

JoAnna Lee

You’d describe your music as…

Singer-Songwriter Soulk (soul-folk)

You’re currently listening to…

At this very moment… Amy Winehouse.

When you’re not making music you’re…

Cuddling my dog Tempo and watching comedies.

You’d like to duet with…

Jamie Lidell… He’s got so much soul.

Who’s your guilty pleasure?

John Mayer… Always love turning his music up loud when no one is around, haha!

Dead or alive, who would you most like to grab a coffee with?

Stevie Wonder without a doubt.

You’re an artist because…

It’s the one thing that’s always made me feel complete and connected.

Vinyl, CD or streaming?

All three for different occasions.

Your party trick is…

Picking up the guitar and making up silly songs on the spot about what’s happening around me and my friends.

Your hometown is X and we should visit because?

Bend, Oregon… It’s one of the most beautiful scenes on the west coast that has everything to offer.

Tinder or Taken?

Not taken, no tinder… just waiting for the right guy.

Snapchat, Insta, Facebook or Twitter?

Definitely been loving my Snapchat.

The best box set ever is…

Netflix… the greatest box set of our time.

Coffee House Tour… what are you most excited about?

Being able to share my passion with others who are working towards their passions 🙂


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Facebook: @joannaleemusic

Twitter: @joannaleemusic

Instagram: @joannaleemusic

YouTube: @joannaleemusic


Enjoy live music from JoAnna Lee in The Courtyard, Derwent College at 5 pm on Wednesday 1st November.

Image Credits: Press Pack