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Interview: Jordan Allen

Image Credits: Press Pack
Image Credits: Press Pack
Image Credits: Press Pack

Let me tell you about these four cool guys who started off small in their hometown Bolton, UK. They go by the name Jordan Allen which you might’ve heard of since they are gaining more and more popularity as we speak. With intelligent lyrics and catchy tunes, Bolton’s four-piece gained fans all over the UK and they won’t stop there. 

I had a chat over the phone with Jordan Allen, the lead vocalist, so, if you want to find out more about the band and their music, you can read the interview in the following part of the article. But first, listen to my favourite song from them.

You have a new track called ‘R.O.S.I.E’ which was actually first released as a demo at the beginning of 2017. I’m not a musician so I didn’t really see the difference between the demo and the new version, so I thought maybe you could explain why you chose to release it again as a single?

Because over time ‘Rosie’ became more and more popular, we thought we could do some changes. So, we went back to the studio and made the song a little bit faster, we sped it up in places, we added some backing vocals and changed the guitar sound which are all minor differences but I think we made the song a little bit better.

One difference I did notice was that the title is written like it would be an acronym, not a person’s name. Why is that?

We thought it would stand out a bit more. It came as a pretty natural change to it.

Let’s talk about the music video for ‘R.O.S.I.E’. Can you tell me a bit about what is going on in the video?

We shot it all in Manchester and it was really nice to do the video there. We had a great actress called Eve Wadsworth and it was shot by a guy called Johnboy Wilson, who is a brilliant director and it was his project, his idea. The live shots are actually shot in the studio. We crammed about forty people in there, in that tiny space, to shot the live part. It was a lot more chaotic than it looks from the outside.

Did it turn out as you guys expected or do you think it could’ve been better?

We were really happy with the final product and both John and Eve did a great job all the way from the taxi.

Which was the most difficult song to write so far since you started off as a band?

This is tricky because I think the process has changed with every song we’ve done really. I think all our songs are very different from each other. I think they’re all difficult in different ways but I think ‘Imperial Leather Drama’ which was a song from the EP on which ‘Rosie’ initially was released. That was probably the most complex thing we’ve done musically so far, with a lot of layers to it.

You’ve been together as a band for quite some time now. What has been the favourite memory as a group so far?

There a definitely a few. I mean this band really has character. Reading and Leeds where we played BBC Introducing Stage in 2016, that was the first time we felt like we’ve really progressed as a band. And, obviously, last summer we played Dot to Dot and Isle of Wight Festivals which was incredible. We played to capacity crowds every night for Dot to Dot. But I think also during the show with The Sherlocks in Manchester which was by far the biggest shows we’ve done. We played in front of nearly 3000 people at Machester Academy. That was amazing! And when we turned on the Christmas lights in our own town and we played in front of 6000 people as well. That was really cool.

What are your 3 favourite songs at the moment? They can be either from your band or from other musicians.

Sheafs – ‘This Is Not A Protest’

Findlay – ‘Greasy Love’

Baxter Dury – ‘Miami’

Are you pleased with what you’ve achieved in 2017 or do you think you could’ve done more?

I think we’re definitely pleased. We’ve been working so hard and I feel like this year we’ve definitely made big progress.

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