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Interview: Meadowlark

Image Credits: Press Pack
Image Credits: Press Pack
Image Credits: Press Pack

It’s not an exaggeration when I say I have very exciting news to share with you today. Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley aka Meadowlark are on tour as we speak and one of their stops is in York at one of the most popular locations in town, Fibbers. Their gig is on Monday, 9th October and I think there’s no better way to start your week than by seeing this alt-pop duo playing live.

What’s even more exciting is that Meadowlark agreed to answer some of our questions in an email interview. So, if you want to find out more about them, their tour and their debut album Postcards, then you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy!

Hello, Kate and Daniel, I hope you’re doing great! You’re about to embark on your Postcards Album Tour which starts in Brighton on the 29th September. On a scale from 1 to 10, how excited are you about it?

11? We genuinely love touring, especially when it’s our own shows. It’s so exciting to be able to travel the country and connect with the people that follow our music.

You actually had a gig in Berlin a few days ago. How did it go? 

Berlin is such an incredible city and the atmosphere at the gig reflected that. People seemed to just come to the show to hear new music, it was very humbling.

In your opinion, which is the best thing about touring and which is the worst?

The best thing is probably the shows themselves, being able to take to a stage in different cities and play to people that know your songs is something we will never get tired of. I think the only negative thing about touring is the travelling itself, but neither of us would change it for the world.

As part of your tour, you’ll also play in York, where The Yorker is based. Have you been to York before? If yes, which was your favourite thing about this city?

We’ve been to York a few times now. It’s an awesome city, one of the few in the UK where you get a sense of its history by just walking around. I think that’s our favourite part, it’s walking amongst all the old architecture that still exists so beautifully today.

Is there a place in the world where you’ve never been but you’d love to have a gig there?

America! I don’t know why but ever since we started this band we always dreamed of touring in the States!

You released in the summer your very first full-length album called Postcards. Did it turn out the way you imagined your first album would be?

Both Kate and myself have very modest goals and expectations for our music and the release exceeded them by far. We both stayed up until midnight when it came out officially and all our fans did the same. We all listened through the album together. It was amazing!

If you were to describe your album in three words, what would they be?

Synthy. Folk. Pop.

Why did you choose the title of the song ‘Postcards’ as the album title?

We often overthink every little decision we make as a band but the moment Kate suggested we used “postcards” I instantly agreed. The song ‘Postcards’ was the anomaly on the record, the version you can hear is the original demo we recorded when writing it. It really carries the essence and spirit of how we felt when writing the whole thing.



There are plenty of tracks on this album, 15 to be precise. Do you have a favourite? 

‘Postcards’! I think it will always be our favourite.

Which song was the easiest to write and which one was the most difficult?

‘Pink Heart’ took a long time to write. We had the “la la la” section for ages before we managed to find the rest of the song to go with it. I hate to keep bringing it up, but ‘Postcards’ basically fell out of us. I remember having that one fully written in one evening.

Your latest release was the music video for the song ‘Sunlight’ which is also from your album Postcards. What can you tell us about the music video and its concept?

It’s a little bit “out there”, isn’t it! I wanted to make a video that dealt with forbidden love in some way and decided that it would be interesting to make it satirical in its delivery. Interesting fact: originally it was going to be Theresa May falling in love with Donald Trump, but I couldn’t find any convincing Theresa May masks.



Which musician/band is your dream collaboration?

Working with Polyenso would be an absolute dream!

Meadowlark exists since 2013 and as a duo since the end of 2014, so it’s been some time since the beginning. Which is your favourite memory as Meadowlark so far? 

Walking into HMV this past summer and seeing our album on the shelves was a massive moment for us, one that I’m glad we got to experience together.

If you open your music player right now, which would be your top 3 “most listened songs”?

The National – ‘Guilty Party’

Rae Morris – ‘Do It’

The War On Drugs – ‘Strangest Thing’

You said on your official Facebook page that this UK tour will be the last one for a while. So, what should we expect from Meadowlark after the tour ends? Maybe you can share with us some of the plans that you have for the future.

For us, next is writing, writing and more writing. There’s also whispers for a European tour happening in 2018 which is hugely exciting!


Meadowlark comes to York on 9th October in Fibbers. Postcards is out now.