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Interview: The Wandering Hearts (Coffee House Sessions)

The Wandering Hearts are reminiscent of First Aid Kit and Of Monsters and Men, with their seamless vocal harmonies and pop sensibility adding a twist of Fleetwood Mac. Hearing how naturally band members AJ, Chess, Tim and Tara’s voices blend together, it’s incredible they met almost by chance 18 months ago. Their love of folk, Americana, vocal harmonies and gin drew them together, and one afternoon in an empty bar in Crouch End, The Wandering Hearts were born.

This interview is part of a series of syndicated interviews with the artists that will take part in the Coffee House Sessions at The Courtyard, University of York, during this term.

You’d describe your music as…

Folk Americana

You’re currently listening to…

Tom Petty, Haim, Jessie Ware, Roy Orbison, Shania Twain

When you’re not making music you’re…

Snacking and napping

You’d like to duet with…

The Weeknd (please)

Who’s your guilty pleasure?

Miley Cyrus. Shower time wrecking ball karaoke is a thing!

You’re an artist because…

I got a lot to say!

Vinyl, CD or Streaming…

Streaming (I know…)

Your party trick is…

Not having one… surprise!

Your hometown is… and we should visit because…

London and it’s simply amazing

Tinder or taken?


Snapchat, insta or twitter?

Insta all the way.

The best box set it…

Gossip Girl. I’m watching it for the third time

Coffee House Tour … what are you most excited about?

I didn’t go to uni so this is my chance to see what I missed out on. We’re excited to get on the road and play shows for you guys.

All answers provided by Chess.

Chess’ Most Frequently Used Emojis

most frequently used emojis (chess from the wandering hearts)

Twitter: @thewanderhearts

Insta: @thewanderingheartsmusic

Facebook: @thewanderinghearts


Enjoy live music from The Wandering Hearts in The Courtyard, Derwent College at 5 pm on Wednesday 8th November.

Image Credits: Press Pack