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Interview: Katalina Kicks

Image credits: Press Pack
Image credits: Press Pack
Image credits: Press Pack

Katalina Kicks will release a brand new album, Vices, on 12th May and if you’re into politically-edged, energetic rock songs, this album should definitely be on your “to-listen” list. They also have shows around the UK and you can see them in Leeds at Paul Smith on 14th May, and later that day in Sheffield at West Street Live.

Katalina Kicks have been active since 2010 and the current line-up of the band consists of Ian George (vocals/guitar), Nadia Silverstone (bass/backing vocals) and Jase Wilkinson (drums/backing vocals). Based in London and making a name for themselves in the music industry, Katalina Kicks are releasing their third album in only two days. As part of their tour, they will also have a few intimate shows in Paul Smith stores, including the one in Leeds.

As you can see, the members of the band are quite busy these days, but they made time to answer the questions that we had for them in an email interview and here are their answers.


1. You’re releasing very soon a new album – Vices. How is this album different from your previous music projects?

Ian: This album to me solidifies the band, as has been the first recording we have done as a 3-piece – and I believe our best recording to date. We worked hard on defining our sound and making a record that we are proud of. We don’t like to be pigeon-holed as a band, so we wanted to create something that is ‘us’ and unique sounding.

Jase: The chemistry of the band is different and that to me is what makes this the best album we have put out to date. To be in the room on the same frequency is an amazing thing, so expect an amazing array of music on the album.

2. I heard that Vices approaches current political issues. Since it’s a sensitive subject and people are very passionate about it, do you expect to receive some negative feedback?

Jase: To be honest, if it causes a reaction positive or negative it’s a great thing. It’s time to wake up and educate yourself on what’s going on outside your framework. If it’s about disabled benefit cuts or kids being shot then I think it’s a positive thing we shine a light on that!!

Ian: Yes, we have had some crazy hate and rage from gun lobbyists after the song ‘Guns’ came out, but totally expected it. That to me is a good thing, as it sparks debate, which is what the song was written about. I would much rather write a song that makes people actually think about all the crazy stuff going on in the world than have “throw away” lyrics. We’re not preaching through our music though, just making commentary.

3. You’ve recently released the music video for the song ‘Killer’ which will be featured on your new album. What can you tell me about the concept of the video? 

Jase: The concept is quite simple – a fairy tale with a dark twist. We wanted to showcase the song with a more sophisticated video rather than the in your face video of ‘Guns’.

Nadia: Adam Fitch who filmed and directed it did a great job!!!



4. Are you happy with the final product or would you do it differently if you had the chance to remake it?   

Jase: Chuffed to pieces with it and wouldn’t change a thing!! I’m a true believer that things happen the way they should. This album for me is something I’m truly proud of and the guys have played their hearts out and the studio team put in a massive amount of work to make this the best yet from Katalina Kicks.

Ian: Couldn’t agree more!

Nadia: Vices is my first ever album to be recorded, I’m very very happy and so grateful for all the support we had to make it.

5. This May you’re on tour around the UK and you also have some shows in Amsterdam to promote Vices. What excites you the most about this tour? Do you expect to encounter any difficulties while on tour?

Jase: It’s in our blood, it’s what we love and are passionate about. The live experience is where it’s at for us. If you come to us expect a show and a half. If we are not sweating, bleeding and playing our hearts out then why bother to gig – that’s the minimum you will expect from a Katalina Kicks show. The excitement comes from three people loving what we do.

Difficulties are just challenges that make the experience better you learn and grow from them if we get them we grow from them. No drama!

Ian: We are a live band through and through – and we love playing and giving everything, whether it’s to 10 people or 10,000! The main difficulty was getting all the logistics and organisation behind the tour sorted – the playing is the easy part!

Nadia: Knock on wood there will be no difficulties. I don’t know about the guys, but I’m particularly excited to be going to places in the UK I never been to before!!!

6. Is there any other place where you’d really love to have a show in the future?

Jase: For me, the bigger picture is playing all the major festivals and in Asia.

Ian: I would love to hit all the big festivals next year.

Nadia: I’d love to play my home country!!!!

7. With the touring and the album release, it seems you have quite a busy life. So, is it hard to keep a balance between your career and family?

Jase: It’s a spinning of plates affair and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are working towards our goals and our families have been amazing in supporting us.

Ian: Yeah, it’s very busy juggling life and I’ve had a few family issues lately that have made balancing everything quite difficult – but have amazing support, so am very lucky.

Nadia: It’s great to be busy with the music, it can get a bit too much depending on how many jobs you have *lol* I love some alone time, whenever I get the chance I FaceTime my family in Brazil. The timezone is a bit of an issue, though.

8. On your YouTube channel, you have a series of videos called Keeping up with Katalina Kicks, which is at the eighth episode, where you keep fans updated. Do you enjoy doing this and do you think you’ll continue with the series or is it just ahead of the album release and the tour? 

Jase: This was Nadia’s idea and I love it!!!! I think too many bands put a barrier between the fans and them. I’ve always bought into bands that show themselves as people. It’s important to me to be open and honest.

Ian: Yeah, I’m sure we will keep it up – Nadia and Jase especially always have their phones on record for whatever we do, which is great as it’s something we can look back on in years to come.

Nadia: Hehehehe, I particularly really enjoy making them, as these days everything is pretty much DIY, you have to put yourself out there, and YouTube is such an awesome platform where you can choose what you want to watch. Though there is still a lot to improve, I look to continue with it definitely.

Image credits: Katalina Kicks Official Facebook Page
Image credits: Katalina Kicks Official Facebook Page

9.What does the logo of the band represent? How did you come up with it?

Ian: The back to back K’s was something we always had and was very instinctive – it’s just straightforward and raw – like us really!

Nadia: The current red wine KK logo against the white background is originally a photo Jase took of the drum kit he’d hired to shoot the Killer video in which the colours are different. I thought it looked perfect, so just adapted/edited on photoshop.

10. You’ve been together for a while now. What’s the best memory you have as a band?

Jase: I have two. The day Nadia joined and the day we walked out on the main stage at the INmusic Festival in Croatia as a unit. No nerves, just pure all out rock’n’roll. It showed me personally we can make this happen on a major scale.

Ian: Jase, Nadia and I have been together for two years now and it has been a great learning experience for us all. As well as the massive stage in Croatia supporting Franz Ferdinand, for me, a great memory was recording this album and spending time together developing our sound.

Nadia: July this year will be 3 years since I joined KK – that’s one my best memories, also Croatia, and spending time together at the cottage house in Belper when we were recording the album.

11. I know that the three of you come from different backgrounds: Jase is from the north of England, Ian from south-west England and Nadia is from Brazil. Different backgrounds mean different points of view, different perspectives. Were these differences a problem for you at first? 

Jase: For me yes, as the other two don’t speak Northern and make me repeat everything!!!! Joking aside, if we were all the same it would be boring! The chemistry means we get the best out of the music. No egos, just the best comes out for the track when writing.

Ian: We might have different perspectives, but that to me is what makes our sound and image unique, so we have never really encountered any problems. We communicate well and are all on the same page, which is why it works.

Nadia: When you’re into rock music in general, you speak the same language, it is amazing, no matter where you come from. I don’t recall having any problems, I do recall as the only foreigner in the band pointing out or comparing on certain things from my home country, which is quite interesting.

12. Finally, do you plan to gig in York anytime soon?

Jase: We are desperate to play York!!! Hopefully in the not too distant future and we could put in the next tour which will be October.

Ian: Definitely – would love to. As Jase says in October let’s make it happen!

Nadia: I would love to come play York, why is it not part of the Vices Tour?!!?!?


The album Vices is out on 12th May. Katalina Kicks will play in Leeds at Paul Smith and in Sheffield at West Street Live on the 14th May.