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Interview: Sam Brookes

Image credits: Press Pack
Image credits: Press Pack
Image credits: Press Pack

Sam Brookes is back with new music and he’s currently touring the UK. One of his stops will be in York at The Crescent, on 7th May and ahead of his gig, Sam agreed to answer a few of our questions in an email interview.

The British alternative/folk singer and songwriter Sam Brookes is back with a new single called ‘My Girl Drinks Coffee’ and an UK tour. As a fun fact, from a very young age, Sam was a chorister who sang in Her Majesty’s private chapel regularly. After the release of the album Kairos, back in 2014, Sam started to experiment and try out new things with his music and this is how the new single came to life. Since the end of April, he’s been touring the UK and he’s approaching our town very soon.



1.You’re almost at the end of your UK tour. How has it been so far?

 It’s been a great tour so far. It’s so good to be playing the new songs live.

2.What is the best memory you have from this tour?

 So far, the best memory has been playing Bristol on a boat to a packed lovely crowd.

3.One of the last stops of your tour will be in York. Have you been to York before? If yes, what place do you like the most in this city?

I think it was Fibbers supporting Scott Matthews. I love York!

4.What do you enjoy the most about touring in general?

Playing live and thinking about how to develop the live performance night on night.

5.You released at the end of February a new single called ‘My Girl Drinks Coffee’ which is also the name of the tour. You also posted some pics on Instagram with captions that suggested you’ll release more new music soon. So, is there an album or EP coming in the near future?

I’ll be releasing an EP which will go on pre-order very soon and then I’ll be recording my album after that.

6.Your previous songs were guitar based and you actually said at some point that you write your songs mostly on an acoustic guitar. ‘My Girl Drinks Coffee’, however, is quite different – it’s leaning more towards electronic sounds. I know the song was inspired by a break-up but what made you change the style of your music?

I was looking for a change in sound that represented the change I experienced in my life. It’s great fun to play live!



7.Was this single a one-time thing or should fans expect more songs like this from you?

In the spectrum of the sound of what’s to come for the next album, it’s a far down the EDM route I’ll be travelling for now. The next album will contain elements of drum machines but also lots guitars.

8.On to a few more personal questions. I read that both your parents had an interest in music and they were the ones who inspired you to become a musician. In the future, do you want your kids to pursue a career in music as well (if you want to have kids, of course)?

I guess I’d let my kids find their own route in life as my parents never forced music onto me. It just became a part of me really as I was growing up.

9.How did your music career influence your relationship with your family?

Well, they come to all my gigs and they are a great support network for me.

10.Do you have a place where you go when you need inspiration?

Actually no, I don’t. I keep my eyes and ears open all the time for what’s happening around me and if a song comes I like to cease it.

However, I do like to get out of the city to clear my head and go look at the sea.

11.I know that you were a chorister from the age of 6, but do you remember the first time you sang in front of a crowd all by yourself?

Not sure of the first time really…  I guess being in the choir was the first.

12.While being in the choir, you had to perform in front of the Queen quite often. What did your-6-year-old-self think about that?

To be honest, it became the norm as we saw her every week for 5 years whilst I sang in that choir and it’s only now when I look back do I think it’s pretty mad.

13.What are your long-term goals musically speaking?

I’d love to see the world while playing music. Be a part of more workshops and influence as many lives with music as I can.

14.Finally, if you could start your life over, is there anything you would do differently?

I would’ve learnt to play the drums… which I’m going to do one day…