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The Weekly Playlist (10th July – 16th July)

Image credits: pixabay.com
Image credits: pixabay.com
Image credits: pixabay.com

Well, hello there! Are you ready for another Weekly Playlist? I guess if you clicked on this article, you are! And this time it’s an all-new songs playlist. And that’s mainly because I have a lot of favourites from last week and I couldn’t decide between them. I featured a little bit of everything on this Playlist and I hope you’ll enjoy it!


  • Part I – The Party 


WizKid ft. Ty Dolla $ign – ‘Dirty Wine’

The first one on the list is WizKid with the song ‘Dirty Wine’. This song is from his new album Sounds From the Other Side which was released last week. I actually recommend the entire album, it has a really nice summerish vibe, but we’ll stick only with ‘Dirty Wine’ for this Playlist. I think the song is a good party starter, you know, for warming up before the crazy begins.



Kesha ft. The Dap-Kings Horns – ‘Woman’

Kesha is back on The Weekly Playlist with a totally different song from ‘Praying’. When I listened to ‘Praying’ I thought she took another path with her music for good but apparently, she didn’t. She just needed to put all of her feelings in a song – ‘Praying’. So, this time we have ‘Woman’ which is a very catchy song and the beat is perfect for showing what you can do. On the dance floor, of course. The song is from Kesha’s upcoming album Rainbow set to be released on 11th August this year. Can’t wait to see (and hear) what else she’s got in store for us.



OneRepublic, Seeb – ‘Rich Love’

OneRepublic is also back on The Weekly Playlist with another dance song. They teamed up with the Norwegian trio Seeb for this one and the result is ‘Rich Love’. Unlike the previous two on the Playlist, I think ‘Rich Love’ is more like an end-of-the-party type of song, with that nice tropical beat. That kind of song you listen to while partying on a beach and waiting for the sun to rise.



  • Part II – The Road Trip 


Tom Grennan – ‘Found What I’ve Been Looking For’

I love Tom Grennan’s rusty voice and the way it perfectly fits in all of his songs. Last week he released a new song ‘Found What I’ve Been Looking For’ following his EP Release the Brakes. I’m really digging his new song and I think you should give it a try. And while you’re there also listen to ‘This is The Age’, another song of his and a favourite of mine.



Foster The People – ‘Sit Next to Me’

I’m pretty sure ‘Sit Next to Me’ is the last song from Foster The People’s upcoming album that we get to hear before the actual release of the album which will be later this week, on 21st July. So keep your radar on for the album and while you’re waiting, listen to this song and to the other songs which have been revealed ahead of the album release.



MY – ‘Hate On Myself’

Yeees! Last week brought a new song from the Swedish band MY. ‘Hate On Myself’ is so full of energy, so upbeat I can only think of fun activities to do with my friends while I listen to it. You know, like a road trip or a picnic or even a shopping session. Anything, really, that puts me in a good mood.



  • Part III – The Sunday Morning 


Selena Gomez ft. Gucci Mane – ‘Fetish’

If you manage to wake up in the morning on a Sunday and you want to enjoy your breakfast while drinking a cup of tea, then I think Selena’s new song ‘Fetish’ is perfect for that. It doesn’t have to be only a Sunday morning, though. I, for instance, have been listening to it every morning since I first heard it. And I’m pretty sure I got the song completely wrong. I know it’s supposed to make you feel sexy and other things like that, but for me, it’s just a relaxing song. If I ignore the lyrics.



Echosmith – ‘Goodbye’

You have no idea how much I wanted to hear a new song from Echosmith. And here it is. My wish became true last week when they released ‘Goodbye’. And what’s even better is that this song is only the beginning, taken from their upcoming sophomore album which will be released in September this year. Until then, I think ‘Goodbye’ is a perfect one for chillin’.



Nina Nesbitt ft. Goody Grace – ‘The Moments I’m Missing’

Finally, on The Weekly Playlist, we have Nina Nesbitt, who, just like Echosmith, has been hiding from the music world for quite some time. Well, not anymore it seems because she came back with a new single ‘The Moments I’m Missing’. And she was the sole writer and producer of the song so I’m quite impressed. She also announced a new album next year so stay tuned for more information about that and listen to her new song.