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The Weekly Playlist (12th June – 18th June)

Image credit: pixabay.com
Image credit: pixabay.com
Image credit: pixabay.com

Hello there! Are you looking for a quick round-up of this week’s latest releases in the vast and interesting world of music? Well, say no more, my dear friend, because you came to the right place! Welcome to The Weekly Playlist where you can get your dose of new music. 

As I’m writing this article I keep thinking that this is the last one to write while I’m in York as a second-year student. And this is very sad. But, regardless of this, The Weekly Playlist that I created this week has quite a lot of party songs in it. After all, summer is officially here and we should be up-to-date with everything that is to be played at the numberless parties we’ll attend this summer. So, let’s begin The Weekly Playlist for the last week!


  • New songs


Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey – ‘Glorious’

For the past few years, wherever Macklemore’s name popped up, Ryan Lewis’ name was also mentioned. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard at least one song from them – maybe ‘Thrift Shop’ or ‘Can’t Hold Us’ ring a bell. This year, Macklemore decided to go on his own when he announced he will release a solo album and ‘Glorious’, which features Skylar Grey, will be included on the tracklist. The lyrics have a very positive message and the song has that Macklemore signature energetic vibe.



Jax Jones ft. Demi Lovato, Stefflon Don – ‘Instruction’

Let’s continue the party with this very upbeat track that will definitely be played in clubs this summer. I have to say I’m very excited about this collaboration, not only because I really like the song, but also because I like the people who created it. So, take a listen and see if it’s possible not to bust a move while listening to it.



Shawn Hook – ‘Dancing in the Sky’

I know this song is not as upbeat as the previous two but I still think it’s pretty cool. Maybe it’s better for the “getting ready” part of a night out, rather than an actual party. I don’t know. But what I do know is that this song is part of Hook’s recently released EP which consists of four tracks in total. He might not be very popular but I think he’s pretty good for a pop musician.



  • New music videos


Selena Gomez – ‘Bad Liar’

Selena Gomez returned with a music video for the song ‘Bad Liar’ and while the song itself isn’t the best, I really enjoyed the video. It reminds me of that period when she was playing Alex in Wizards of Waverly Place. Oh, such good times! So, in this video Gomez plays a few characters – a teenage girl, her mum, her dad and this woman who we see flirting with the dad. The ending is quite unexpected but funny. I won’t spoil it for you, just go ahead and watch it.



Keke Palmer ft. Quavo – ‘Wind Up’

Next on the list is the music video for ‘Wind Up’ which I only found now although it was released in April. In this video, Keke Palmer and her crew amaze the public with crazy dance moves. It doesn’t have a complicated storyline as you will see, but I think the whole choreography and setting look very cool.



Don Diablo – ‘Save A Little Love’

And the party continues with the song ‘Save A Little Love’ and its music video. Again, the storyline isn’t complicated at all and again we watch people dancing. But, what’s special about these people dancing is that their faces are painted to look like skulls. Now, I’m not saying that’s something unseen by the mankind but I think they look interesting, mesmerising in a way.



  • Acoustic versions


And for the last section of the Playlist, I thought I’d do something new. Well, it’s actually because I listened to Ruelle’s acoustic version of ‘Monsters’ (the last one on the list), I really enjoyed it and I really wanted to share it with you. So, I started searching for two other acoustic versions and luckily I found them: ‘Your Song’ by Rita Ora and ‘Strip That Down’ by Liam Payne. And I thought this is perfect because I like these songs and I didn’t get to feature them in a Weekly Playlist before. So why not feature their acoustic versions. I hope you enjoy them.


Rita Ora – ‘Your Song’


Liam Payne – Strip That Down’


Ruelle – ‘Monsters’