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The Weekly Playlist (13th November – 19th November)

Image Credits: pixabay.com
Image Credits: pixabay.com
Image Credits: pixabay.com

Hi there! Thanks for clicking on this article! Chances are you did this either because you’re a music lover and you want to hear new music or because you’re just curious about what I want to say. Of course, a third option would be you wanted to click on one of those great film reviews or one of those political comments that we have and you clicked by mistake on this article. Whichever the option, welcome to The Weekly Playlist where I talk about my favourite new music from the past week.

For this week, the Playlist includes the following artists: Luke Sital-Singh, Jessie J, 11:11, Fall Out Boy (for the millionth time, I know), DJ Snake and Lauv, Jordan Allen, Major Lazer, Paloma Faith and Morrisey. So, if you spotted a name that you like then keep reading, my friend, and let The Weekly Playlist begin!


New Songs


Luke Sital-Singh – ‘Just a Song Before I Go’

For this week, I thought I might start the Playlist with a chill song perfect for the last days of Autumn. With this track, Luke Sital-Singh also announced a new EP which follows the album that he released earlier this year. The EP will consist of covers of his favourite songs, like ‘Just a Song Before I Go’ which was originally written by Crosby, Stills & Nash. Although the new version doesn’t sound very different from the original, you can still easily identify Luke’s personal touch.



Jessie J – ‘Queen’

Jessie J is back on The Weekly Playlist with a new track taken from her upcoming album, R.O.S.E., which is due out in 2018. Fun fact: the name of the album is an acronym and it comes from the words realizations, obsessions, sex and empowerment. If you listen to ‘Queen’, you will see that the song is exactly about those four words. The song has empowering lyrics which encourage you to love yourself and a smooth R&B sound.



11:11 – ‘Home’

In case you haven’t heard of 11:11 before, you should know that he’s quite a new face in the music industry. He started off in 2016 with an R&B/Soul record, but his new single ‘Home’ leans more towards the poppy/dance side of the music realm if we can call it that. Not that I would mind, of course. ‘Home’ is the first track he revealed from his forthcoming album, Mood, which is set to be released in the spring of 2018.




New Music Videos



What are you saying? Fall Out Boy released something new? Oh, then they must be featured on The Weekly Playlist! This is basically how my mind works. So, a couple of Playlists ago, I mentioned that FOB moved the release date of M A  N   I    A, their upcoming seventh album, from September to January next year. Last week, they revealed the fourth track from the album and its music video. In this video, FOB are playing at a party whose theme is Dia de los Muertos, so you’ll see loads of skull face paint and other references to the Mexican celebration.




DJ Snake, Lauv – ‘A Different Way’

‘A Different Way’ has seen success ever since its release and now it also has a music video. A very fun one, I might add. If you haven’t heard the song before, it’s one of those that make you bust a move and that is totally reflected in the music video. Throughout the video, we follow this kid with great dance moves who dances his way through town and meets all kinds of people, who are actually real-life dance celebrities and YouTubers. Another cool thing about this video is that, along with its release, Snapchat added a DJ Snake sticker pack with content from the video.



Jordan Allen – ‘R.O.S.I.E.’

Last week, Jordan Allen released a new song, ‘R.O.S.I.E.’, and along with it a new music video as well. The video follows a girl whose name is Rosie throughout a fun night out. While the rockish, lively ‘R.O.S.I.E.’ plays in the background, Rosie drinks, dances and does, basically, what most of us would do on a night out. The best part of the video is that Rosie finds, in the end, the place where Jordan Allen are playing live and she ends up having the best time there. Take a look! (PS: keep an eye open for an interview with Jordan Allen which is coming soon on The Yorker).



New Albums


Major Lazer – Major Lazer Presents: Give Me Future (Music From & Inspired by the Film)

Major Lazer released the soundtrack from the documentary Give Me Future which is about the communist island of Cuba and its culture. The soundtrack consists of 13 tracks, some that you’ve heard before and some that are new. You can find them all on Major Lazer’s official YouTube channel and on the other music platforms. And, if you’re interested in watching the movie, you can find it on Apple Music.



Paloma Faith – The Architect 

The Architect is the fourth studio album from Paloma Faith which consists of 15 tracks, or 19 if you listen to the Deluxe Edition. The album is categorised as pop/soul and Paloma Faith calls it a “social observation record”. In other words, she moved on from writing love songs to writing about politics and about some of the current issues surrounding this topic. Most of the tracks are not available on her YouTube channel, but as always, you can find them on the other music platforms.



Morrissey – Low In High School

The last on the list is Morrissey with his new album, Low In High School. Some of you might have heard of him and you might know that some of his statements were not that well received by the public. But, I still think his new alt/rock album is worth mentioning. The song that I shared here is my favourite and you can find most of the songs from the album on his YouTube channel so go ahead and give it a try.