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The Weekly Playlist (1st September – 10th September)

Image Credits: pixabay.com
Image Credits: pixabay.com
Image Credits: pixabay.com

Welcome back to The Weekly Playlist! The first week of September is over and I’m here to talk about the new music that was released during this week. I made a playlist only with songs this time and, to spice things up, I split the Playlist into three parts: the Rebel One, the Popular One and the Easygoing One. So, I think there’s something for everyone here. And now that we’re done with the introduction, I give you the very first Weekly Playlist from the month of September. Enjoy!


  • Part I – The Rebel One


Beck – ‘Up All Night’

If you woke up feeling rebellious today, then this is the right part of the Playlist for you. And what’s another obvious thing that a rebel would do if not go out and stay ‘Up All Night’. Please observe how I subtly introduced the name of the song into our discussion. On to the things that you might want to know about the song. This is a new version of the song ‘Up All Night’ which was actually released last year. Now, the new one will be featured on Beck’s upcoming 13th album which is due on 13th October. So, make a note in your calendars if you want to hear more from him. Or, you know, you can listen to the other 12 albums that he already released.



The Score – ‘Never Going Back’

Next on the list are the two guys from The Score with their new song ‘Never Going Back’. I know! Sounds very rebellious. I recently discovered them and they remind me of a couple of bands I listen to such as Imagine Dragons, Fun. and The Script. So, their sound isn’t very original. Yet. But the song is very good and hopefully, their entire upcoming album will be. That’s right! The Score will release their debut album, called Atlas, on the 13th October.



St. Vincent – ‘Los Angeles’

The third song from the mini playlist is ‘Los Angeles’ from St. Vincent. And I promise, this song was not put on the rebellious list just because of the picture. It has a dangerous vibe which made me decide very fast in which category it fits. The song is taken from St. Vincent’s upcoming album, Masseducation. Following the trend of the previously mentioned albums, this one will also be released on the 13th October. I swear I didn’t do this on purpose. But maybe I should’ve named the mini-playlist “The 13th October Trio” or something like that.



  • Part II – The Popular One


Taylor Swift – ‘…Ready For It?’

If you’re one of the people who like every song from the Top 20 on Spotify or Apple Music or who like mainstream music in general, then this is the right part of the Playlist for you. Let’s begin with Taylor Swift’s ‘…Ready For It’. It looks like her music took a very interesting and unexpected turn. It became darker. And apparently, most people like this change because ‘…Ready For It?’ debuted at number four on Billboard. There are some rumours about a new album but nothing has been confirmed yet.



Hurts – ‘Ready To Go’

Last week, Hurts released ‘Ready To Go’ which is on repeat in my headphones at the moment. It’s very catchy. I really like it. If you want to hear more from them, Hurts will release a brand new album, called Desire, at the end of this month, on 29th Septemeber.



Kelly Clarkson – ‘Love So Soft’

Lastly, on the list of popular musicians we have Kelly Clarkson with the song ‘Love So Soft’. She also released a ballad called ‘Move You’ last week and both songs will be featured on her, you guessed it, upcoming album. There are loads of albums coming soon as you can see. Her album is called Meaning Of Life and it will be out on 27th October.



  • Part III – The Easygoing One


Kalpee – ‘What About Us’

If you just want to spend some time unwinding, then this is the right part of the Playlist for you. Kalpee is a very new artist with a very nice voice in my opinion. ‘What About Us’ is the second single he releases. The other single, which was released in 2016, is called ‘No One’ and you might want to check that one too if you liked ‘What About Us’.



SZA – ‘Quicksand’

‘Quicksand’, yet another song released last week. In case you haven’t figured it out from the picture, the song is taken from the soundtrack of the HBO TV Show Insecure, season 2. And some more extra information. Although SZA released the album CTRL last summer, she plans to release a deluxe edition of it later this year.



Ar’mon & Trey – ‘Drown’

The last song on the Playlist is ‘Drown’ by Ar’mon & Trey. These guys have a YouTube channel where they upload covers of songs and they usually do a pretty good job. It turns out they got bored of singing other people’s songs and they made their own one, ‘Drown’. And I think it’s quite good.