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The Weekly Playlist (22nd May – 28th May)

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Image credit: pixabay.com
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Hello there! Are you looking for a quick round-up of this week’s latest releases in the vast and interesting world of music? Well, say no more, my dear friend, because you came to the right place! Welcome to The Weekly Playlist where you can get your dose of new music. 

Exciting things happened this week in the music industry. The Billboard Music Awards took place and there is a special section in this article dedicated to this show. The soundtrack for the fifth movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series was released and it made me eager to watch the movie. I found a new EDM duo which I included in the album section with their new EP. And the best bit, Kendrick Lamar remixed one of Future’s songs and it turned out even better than the original. So, let’s waste no more time and start our journey through The Weekly Playlist. Enjoy!


  • New songs


Cheat Codes & Cade – ‘Stay With You’

The American trio Cheat Codes teamed up with the music producer Cade and ‘Stay With You’, a chill EDM song, was the result. Although they haven’t announced a date yet, an album from Cheat Codes is on the way for sure and ‘Stay With You’ is expected to be part of this album.



Future ft. Kendrick Lamar – ‘Mask Off’

Now, some might say that I got it wrong adding ‘Mask Off’ on this list since it was released ages ago. Well, not really ages, just a few months back, but still. However, this is a reinvented song, featuring Kendrick Lamar. I don’t know who gave them this idea, but adding Lamar’s lyrics and rapping to this song – which is one of my current favourites – is brilliant!



Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Cut To The Feeling’

If you don’t remember Carly Ray Jepsen with her most known songs ‘Call Me Maybe’ and ‘I Really Like You’, then I’m pretty sure nothing else will ring a bell when talking about her. The truth is, although I enjoy her music very much, it appears that not many share my opinion because she’s not very popular these days. ‘Cut To The Feeling’ should’ve been featured in E•MO•TION, the album she released in 2015, but it didn’t make the final cut. A good thing is that she released the song this week, as part of the soundtrack for a children’s movie, and I really like it – it’s energetic, fun, positive and very very poppy.



  • New albums


Axwell / Ingrosso – More Than You Know

I was searching through the list of albums released this week and I came across this one which got my attention with its cover which screamed EDM. So I had to give it a try and I ended up liking it very much, especially the title track ‘More Than You Know’, which is actually playing in my headphones right now as I’m writing. More Than You Know is an EP consisting of four songs. Although they belong to the same genre, the four tracks differ from one another quite a lot which shows how much versatility the Swedish duo has. So, for all the EDM lovers out there, this is the right EP for you.



The Amazons – The Amazons

If what you’re looking for is indie rock music, then The Amazons have got your back with their debut album which was released this week. The self-titled album consists of 11 tracks full of energy. Except for the song, ‘Palace’, which shows the band’s “soft side”. What I really like about this album is that as the tracklist progresses, you can notice a smooth gradual descending pace, from the very energetic intro song to the last one – ‘Palace’ – which is calm, temperate.



Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 

The fifth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series has been released this week and along with it came the soundtrack. For the previous four movies, Hans Zimmer was the music composer, but for this one, Geoff Zanelli took his place and he didn’t disappoint. He kept the same pirate-esque vibe that the previous soundtracks had. And the most exciting part: as a bonus track, they added a remix of the theme song ‘He’s a Pirate’.



  • 2017 Billboard Music Awards (BBMA)


Before anyone wonders why I’m talking about the BBMAs this week, when the show took place on the 21st May, I shall begin explaining the logic behind this. The problem in this matter is the trickiness of time. The Awards began at 5 PM PDT which translates into 1 AM BST the next day, which was the 22nd of May. Thus, the show might’ve taken place on the 21st May in America, but here in York, it was already the 22nd May. Now that I made this clear, here are three artists that won one or more awards at the 2017 BBMAs.



The reason why Drake is on the list has to do with the big number of awards that he took home after the show. I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but this year, Drake won 13 awards at the BBMAs. 13! And he also beat Adele’s record of 12 songs. I won’t enumerate all of the awards he received, but Best Male Artist, Best Rap Artist, Best Rap Album and Best Rap Tour are included. I also quite enjoyed his act at the Awards.



Lindsey Stirling

I remember Lindsey Stirling opening my eyes to the world of dubstep a very long time ago and I also remember her starting small, on her YouTube channel. This year she won for the second time Best Dance/Electronic Album Award with her third album Brave Enough.



Bangtan Boys (BTS)

I saved the best for the end! It doesn’t happen often (more like never) to be able to talk about K-Pop and “normal” music in the same context but it seems like today the odds were in my favour (shout-out to Effie Trinket). BTS, which also happens to be my favourite K-Pop group, took home the Best Social Artist Award and they won against Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande! This marks BTS as the first K-Pop group to win an Award at the BBMAs and the second K-Pop act to win, the first one being Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ in 2013.