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The Weekly Playlist (18th September – 24th September)

Image Credits: pixabay.com
Image Credits: pixabay.com
Image Credits: pixabay.com

Hello and welcome back to a new Weekly Playlist. This one is for the third week of September (in case the dates in the title weren’t clear enough). Oh, boy! One more week and we’re done with another month of 2017. Time is flying so fast, I’m afraid. But, what can we do about it apart from living our lives and trying to keep up with the speed of time? The answer is: read articles about music. Such as this one, of course.

So, let me tell you what I prepared for this Playlist. Drum roll, please! We have three new songs from Kygo, Tom Grennan and Anne-Marie, three new music videos from Zedd and Liam Payne, Nick Jonas and Jason Derulo aka some of the best-looking guys I know and three new albums from Macklemore, The Killers and BTS (they’re a K-Pop group). And now, let The Weekly Playlist begin!


New Songs


Kygo ft. Justin Jesso – ‘Stargazing’

This week, Kygo released a surprise five-track EP called Stargazing. When I say surprise, I mean fans were only expecting the single called ‘Stargazing’, but instead they got an EP with the same title. Such a nice gesture from Kygo. I actually came across ‘Stargazing’ and at first I thought the voice belonged to Zayn Malik, but it turned out I was completely wrong. I liked this song since the first time I listened to it and I totally recommend it.



Tom Grennan – ‘Royal Highness’

Tom Grennan is back on the Playlist with his new song ‘Royal Highness’. It’s not the first time I say his voice really has that something special and that I really like the style of his music. The song is another glimpse of what his upcoming album will sound like and I’m really excited to listen to all of it. But there’s still some time until the release which will be in 2018.



Anne-Marie – ‘Heavy’

When you’re feeling down and want to cheer up, you can always turn to Anne-Marie’s music. From ‘Ciao Adios’ and ‘Rockabye’ to ‘Either Way’ and even ‘Alarm’, I always thought her songs had that feel-good kind of vibe. And ‘Heavy’ is no different, although it’s not as upbeat as some of her previous songs.



New Music Videos


Zedd, Liam Payne – ‘Get Low’ (Street Version)

This week, Zedd and Liam Payne revealed a very cool music video for their catchy song ‘Get Low’. There’s another music video for this song, an interesting infrared montage of trees, which was uploaded on YouTube in the summer. The street version, however, is much more dynamic, with Zedd and Liam Payne performing ‘Get Low’ on the streets of London. The video is great and it looked like they had a lot of fun filming it.



Nick Jonas – ‘Find You’

Another cutie on this week’s Playlist is Nick Jonas with his new music video for ‘Find You’. I read that this song was inspired by being high at Coachella and I think the video isn’t far from that idea. Let’s make a comparison, shall we? In the video, Jonas makes his way through a desert and Coachella is taking place in a desert. He looks a bit lost and unsure of where he’s going, which sometimes happens when you get high. So, yes, we could say that being high at Coachella goes hand in hand with the concept of this music video.



Jason Derulo – ‘If I’m Lucky’ Part 1

Two weeks ago, Jason Derulo uploaded the music video for his new single ‘If I’m Lucky’. The interesting part is that the title of the video said “Part 2”, which led most of us to believe that there will be a part 1 eventually. That or someone could’ve made a typo. I mean, it happens sometimes. It’s totally understandable. So, while I was waiting for someone to correct the mistake, Derulo actually uploaded a “Part 1” and everything became clear. Not only with this whole confusion with parts 1 and 2, but with the actual action that’s taking place during the two videos. You’d have to watch them both to understand what I’m talking about. Although I like Part 2 better, I think this duology is awesome.



New Albums


Macklemore – Gemini 

Macklemore released his new album Gemini and by doing so he officially came back as a solo artist. Although I’m really sorry that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took a break from releasing music together (they made loads of great songs), I’m excited about Macklemore’s new career turn. Gemini has 16 tracks and many collaborations. ‘Glorious’ and ‘Marmelade’, which were mentioned in previous Weekly Playlists, are also featured on this tracklist. You can find all the songs on Macklemore’s YouTube channel and here’s one of them.



The Killers – Wonderful Wonderful

Another great album release this week was Wonderful Wonderful from The Killers. Note that this is the first album they release in five years. It’s funny because this is also their fifth album. So, maybe we have to wait six years for their sixth one. Anyway, I really like the sound of this album and I think you should give it a try. Unfortunately, you can’t find all of the songs on YouTube, but you can definitely find there the best ones from the album.



BTS – Love Yourself : Her

The last one on the Playlist is a K-Pop album which, although I know it’s not of interest to many, I still think should be mentioned here. The main reason is that BTS’ new album debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 chart, which is no surprise considering how much popularity they’ve gained in the US in the past year or so. ‘Best of Me’, one of the tracks from the album, features production from The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart and it’s also my favourite. Here’s ‘DNA’, currently the only track that has a music video.