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The Weekly Playlist (27th November – 3rd December)

Image Credits: pixabay.com
Image Credits: pixabay.com
Image Credits: pixabay.com

Hello, friends! Are you ready for another round of new music from yours truly? Well, I bet you are! Why would you have clicked on this article otherwise? As you might be aware, we’re already in December which means the countdown to the end of the year has begun. Oh, boy! The pressure is on! You start thinking about that list that you made at the beginning of the year with all the things that you wanted to accomplish this year and you realise there’s no way you will tick off everything from that list which is terribly frustrating! I don’t know how much you can relate to that but that’s what’s happening to me at the moment. 

But, enough with this, let’s talk about what brought us here: music! I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with what last week had to offer in terms of music, but that doesn’t mean what you’re about to listen to is not good. So, let’s begin with our usual section – new songs.


New Songs


Logic & Rag’n’Bone Man – ‘Broken People’

If you follow The Weekly Playlist, you might remember that last week I talked about the upcoming Netflix original Bright and its soundtrack. Although I don’t like to talk about the same thing over and over again, I wanted to feature this track here because I think it’s really good. Obviously! Hopefully, the film will be as good as its soundtrack, although I remember how the soundtrack for Suicide Squad and Fast and Furious 7 led me to believe the films will be mindblowing and they turned out to be a big disappointment. But, I guess we have to wait and see.



Different Heaven ft. Sophie Simmons – ‘Live At Night’

‘Live At Night’ is a collaboration between Spanish DJ/producer Different Heaven and the American singer Sophie Simmons. If you like deep house tracks combined with warm wistful vocals, then ‘Live At Night’ is perfect for you. Extra points for the cover art. It’s fantastic and perfect for this song.



G-Eazy & Halsey – ‘Him & I’

Another returning name from last week’s Playlist is G-Eazy, but this time it’s a collaboration between him and one of my all-time favourites, Halsey. If you haven’t heard the news yet, they’re not only business partners, they’re a real couple and their love created this song. Ah, so romantic! A bit too much, if you ask me. Regardless, ‘Him & I’ is an amazing song! The combination between G-Eazy’s rap and Halsey’s eerie vocals is just perfection. Give it a listen!



New Music Videos


Demi Lovato – ‘Tell Me You Love Me’

‘Tell Me You Love Me’, taken from Demi’s recently released album with the same name, has a music video since last week. And it’s a very dramatic one, I might add. In this video, Jessie Williams (who you might recognise from Grey’s Anatomy) is crazy in love with Demi and he proposes. All is fine and dandy until they start arguing about whatever it is couples argue these days. Isn’t love wonderful? Well, the answer, in this case, is a big no, because he ends up leaving her at the altar. In front of everyone. Ah, so much drama!



The Script – ‘Arms Open’

The second music video that I have for you is a very special one for ‘Arms Open’, taken from The Script’s latest album, Freedom Child. The Script decided to team up with A Sense Of Home, a charity which helps youths in the foster care system. Although the video is sad, I think it’s beautiful, powerful and it goes so well with the song.



Hitimpulse – ‘Shoulder’

You know you’re reading The Weekly Playlist when there’s at least one music video in which people dance. And for this week, that music video is the one for ‘Shoulder’. What can I say, I love dancing and the choreography in this music video is amazing! The main dancer reminded me of Katana, one of DC’s superheroines, and I’m wondering if this was the intention or it just happened.



New Albums


Five Finger Death Punch – A Decade of Destruction

A Decade of Destruction is a compilation album from the heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch. The album consists of 16 tracks, most of them taken from previous albums. If you’re in the mood for music that will make your neighbours think an exorcism is taking place at your house, then this album is what you were looking for *wink*.



Van Morrison – Versatile

I was searching for new albums last week when I came across, Versatile. This album belongs to the jazz genre and I realised I’ve never talked about this genre before in any Weekly Playlist. Well, now’s the time! I listened to the album and it sounds really nice. It made me think cosy cafes and fancy restaurants. Or rainy Sundays when you don’t have to worry about anything and just drink tea and read.



Grayson Capps – Scarlett Roses

Scarlett Roses is Grayson Capps’ first album in six years. No wonder I haven’t heard of him before. But I’m glad I know him now because his album is something beautiful and real. Scarlett Roses belongs to the rock genre but unlike A Decade of Destruction, this one represents the softer, smoother side of the genre. Give it a try!