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The Weekly Playlist (3rd July – 9th July)

Image credits: pixabay.com
Image credits: pixabay.com
Image credits: pixabay.com

Hello there and welcome back to The Weekly Playlist where you can get your dose of news from the vast world of music. Some exciting music videos came out and a great festival took place last weekend so the previous week was quite a good one if you ask me. There is also a section in this article dedicated to Bluetooth speakers for those who are interested in such a thing. Without further ado, let The Weekly Playlist begin. Enjoy!


  • New music videos


Kesha – ‘Praying’

Last week, Kesha released a new single ‘Praying’ and its music video after four years in which she wasn’t able to make new music due to contract restraints. The good thing is that she is now back on track and ready to release a new album called Rainbow (release date 11th August) which she describes as “just the beginning” and the words “the beginning” also appear at the end of this video‘Praying’ is about overcoming your problems and forgiving the people who hurt you in the past. This is mainly a reference to her ongoing court battle with her former producer and mentor who sexually and verbally assaulted her. I think the most striking scene in this video is the one where men wearing pig masks chase and taunt Kesha. I was very impressed by the way she was in this video – very vulnerable, sensitive and totally different from the careless Kesha who sang ‘Tick Tock’ a while ago.



Dua Lipa – ‘New Rules’

Moving on to a less serious topic, the music video for Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ also came out last week and she looks fantastic in it. The song is about getting over someone who doesn’t love you back by using this set of “new rules”. So, just like the song, the video follows Dua Lipa trying to get over someone and she is also helped by her group of friends. They have an interesting choreography throughout and they all look very nice. I have to say, though, my favourite part is the group of flamingoes that are hanging around.



Bea Miller – ‘Buy Me Diamonds’

And another song about breakups and unworthy lovers, although I didn’t do this on purpose, is Bea Miller’s ‘Buy Me Diamonds’, whose music video came out last week. Just like Dua Lipa, in this video, Bea Miller hangs out with her best friends in her new apartment, and no, they don’t have a choreography. They also don’t have flamingoes, but these are just details. I think it’s a fun video to watch so you should check it out.



  • Neversea Festival, 7-9th July

I was lucky enough to receive this invitation to this festival called Neversea, so that’s what kept me busy last weekend. This was the very first edition of the festival and I was very pleased with how it turned out. It was great fun! Great lineup, great location – the seaside, great food, great extra activities. So, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the acts that I enjoyed the most at the festival. Too bad I don’t have live footage to show you.



The funny thing is, I wasn’t sure I was going to Neversea until the first day of the festival. So, sometime around 11 pm on 7th July – again, the first day of the festival – my friends and I jumped in the car and we drove (by “we drove” I mean “I drove”) to the seaside which was about a 4-hour drive. So we arrived at our destination at around 3 in the morning and, numb and tired as we were, we went straight to where the festival was taking place. We managed to see the last artist of the night who was Tujamo and he played music until the sun rose. That was fantastic!



Jason Derulo 

Jason Derulo was another great act at this festival. His entire dancing crew was great and the choreographies looked really cool on stage. I think he exaggerated a bit with the body oil, though. He was very shiny. He sang all of his popular songs like ‘Talk Dirty’, ‘Wiggle’ and ‘Swalla’, but my favourite part was when he performed ‘In My Head’. I didn’t expect him to include it in the show but he did and it was awesome.



Benny Benassi

Benny Benassi also did a good job with his performance and he had a strong set of songs that he remixed. I was expecting him to play his signature song ‘Satisfaction’ and when he finally did, the crowd went wild. He remixed the song so well – it was one of the greatest moments of the night.



  • Latest Bluetooth Speakers


I know not everyone would agree with me but I think speakers are an essential for every student. And the Bluetooth speakers are even better because they are portable so you can carry them around. Now that the summer is here, I think a portable speaker is even more necessary either for parties, barbeques or trips, they’re perfect for sharing music with your friends. I probably sound like an advert but I promise you, I’m not trying to sell anything. I just have a keen interest in Bluetooth speakers and I know there are plenty out there. So, if you’re looking for a device to play your music this summer, here are three models of speakers that I think are great.


UE Wonderboom


JBL Flip 4 


Bose SoundLink Revolve