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The Weekly Playlist (5th June – 11th June)

Image credit: pixabay.com
Image credit: pixabay.com
Image credit: pixabay.com

Hello there! Are you looking for a quick round-up of this week’s latest releases in the vast and interesting world of music? Well, say no more, my dear friend, because you came to the right place! Welcome to The Weekly Playlist where you can get your dose of new music. 

I can’t believe the eighth week of the summer term is over. It feels so weird to know another year of your student life has passed and it was as fast as a flashlight. But if there’s a good thing about time passing (at least for me) is that with every week I discover more and more new music. What’s even better is that some weeks bring very good new songs. Like this one, actually. The three songs that I added to this playlist are currently on repeat on my Apple Music. I’m also digging the music videos that I featured in this article. And another very exciting thing about this week is that the 2017 Summertime Ball happened and there were some very good performances going on at this festival. So, as you can probably tell, I have lots to talk about so let The Weekly Playlist begin!


  • New songs 


WizKid ft. Chirs Brown – ‘African Bad Gyal’

I’m starting The Weekly Playlist with a hip-hop/rap song with an Afrobeat touch which I’m really digging at the moment. I think it would be great for a beach party (I’m daydreaming again). If you haven’t heard of WizKid yet, it’s ok. You know him now. He’s been working on an RCA project Sounds From the Other Side which is set to be released on 14th July and this song will be featured on it too.



MY – ‘W.I.L.D’

I fell in love with this song from the first time I listened to it. It’s a pop/rock song and it’s really really good. I’m very excited that I found it and I can share it with you. A funny thing happened, though. So I added the song to the playlist and I went to Google to search some things about the band but I couldn’t find anything. I couldn’t even find them on Facebook. I was really confused at that point and then I came across an article which talks a bit about the band and it says there that the band is “unGooglable”. Uuu, very mysterious! The good thing is the article included the link to their Facebook page. I don’t know why, but I think this is very exciting. And I strongly recommend this song.



X Ambassadors – ‘The Devil You Know’

For the last one in this section, I chose ‘The Devil You Know’. This is the third song X Ambassadors released this year and the indie/rock tune is very catchy. Although nothing has been announced officially, fans are expecting a new album from the band since their debut album was released in 2015. But, until they announce the new album, take a listen to this track.



  • New music videos


Jhené Aiko – ‘While We’re Young’

I picked this music video because it has a story to follow and I thought it’s interesting. The video is inspired by Adam Sandler’s movie 50 First Dates. Aiko plays the role of a woman with short-term memory loss and the video kind of follows this man who falls in love with her and he has to spend every day explaining to her they are lovers. Very touching, I know!



Bakermat ft. Kiesza – ‘Don’t Want You Back’

I added this music video to the playlist because I think it’s funny and it goes well with the catchy song. There’s not a storyline to follow here but the video is presented as a behind-the-scene of a shoot a viewer is watching. In the studio, the cast and the staff can’t help it but dance to the catchy tune. Watch it and maybe you’ll start to dance too.



Leo Stannard ft. Frances – ‘Gravity’

This is not a very complicated music video, but it’s one of the cutest I’ve ever seen. And it’s the perfect match for the song. The video follows two children who are brothers and it’s very cute to see how the older one takes care of the younger one. Again, very touching.



  • 2017 Summertime Ball by Capital FM


Yesterday aka Saturday the 2017 Summertime Ball took place in London at Wembley Stadium and this was the ninth edition (these are just small fun facts in case you didn’t know). As the very big consumer of mainstream music that I am, obviously I was very pleased with the line-up. The popular singers that everyone knows came to sing their most popular songs, with Little Mix and Bruno Mars as the main headliners. In this section, which I dedicated to this festival, I featured three of my favourite performances which are in no particular order.


Anne-Marie – ‘Alarm’

‘Alarm’ is one my favourite songs from Anne-Marie so I was happy to see she performed it at the festival. I like the choreography she prepared, but what I like more is that all the dancers were guys and she was the only female. I think that made her look very confident, strong. Also, I love the fact that she looks like she’s having lots of fun while performing.



Little Mix – ‘Black Magic’

As I previously said, Little Mix were one of the main headliners and one of the songs they played was ‘Black Magic’ which I love. I have to say, I’m not really keen on what’s going on with their outfits – they’ve been trying out some weird clothes lately – but I like the performance as a whole. My favourite part is the beginning before the music starts and you can only hear the beat.



Olly Murs – ‘Wrapped Up’

Yeees! Olly Murs! I saved the best bit for the end. This whole performance made me smile because Olly Murs showed off with some cool dance moves and an energetic presence on the stage. And the song is 10/10! I just love the whole thing!