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The Weekly Playlist (8th May – 14th May)

Image credit: pixabay.com
Image credit: pixabay.com
Image credit: pixabay.com

Hello there! Are you looking for a quick round-up of this week’s latest releases in the vast and interesting world of music? Well, say no more, my dear friend, because you came to the right place! Welcome to The Weekly Playlist where you can get your dose of new music. 

The second week of May is almost over and the third one is approaching really fast, which means it’s exams time! Very exciting! Please observe the sarcasm of my words. Anyway, for this week we had new music from Calvin Harris, Paramore, Machine Gun Kelly and a few others that you will see if you keep reading. This week was also Eurovision Week and I felt the need to make a special section just for it. So, before we jump into this week’s Playlist, I wish you good luck with your exams and assessments!


  • New songs

I want to make a quick note before I start with the actual Playlist. This week, Miley Cyrus released a new song called ‘Malibu‘ and a music video for it. Although this song is not included in the Playlist, I wanted to mention it, because Miley Cyrus used to be one of my favourites when I was younger. That being said, let The Weekly Playlist begin!


Lady Antebellum – ‘Heart Break’

The country/pop trio Lady Antebellum will release their seventh studio album Heart Break on 9th June and ahead of that, they shared with the world the title track ‘Heart Break’.  The song, unlike many others, is about enjoying being single and taking a break from the dating life. And I give the song extra points for the wordplay that’s going on in the title.



Calvin Harris ft. Future & Khalid – ‘Rollin’

As the very big EDM consumer that I am, of course I had to include Calvin Harris here. This song, however, is quite different from his usual style, with a funkier edge to it. The song is the third to be released from Harris’ upcoming album, Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, which is due on 30th June. You can find the full version of the song on the music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music and here is a preview.



Krewella – ‘Be There’

The sister-duo Krewella released this week their first single of 2017, ‘Be There’. As always, Krewella sends love messages through their music and this song celebrates the love between the two sisters and the fact that they will be there for each other no matter what. Along with the single came a very cute video as well, with footage from their childhood.



  • New albums


R5 – New Addictions

If the name Ross Lynch rings a bell, it might be because you were a fan of the Disney Channel show Austin & Ally, in which he played Austin. I had a small crush on him when I was younger (irrelevant information) and this is how I found out he wasn’t only an actor but he also had a band which is R5. Since then I’ve been a fan of their pop rock music and I’m really happy I can mention them here with their fifth EP released on 12th May. The track list consists of four new songs  ‘If’, ‘Red Velvet’, ‘Lay Your Head Down’, ‘Trading Time’ and a cover of INXS’ ‘Need You Tonight’. Because they’re really nice guys (I’m really biased here) they posted all of the songs on their official YouTube channel. Here is one of them.



Machine Gun Kelly – bloom

If you’re in the mood for hip-hop/rap songs, you might want to try Machine Gun Kelly’s new album bloom which was released this Friday. This is his third studio album and a couple of popular musicians are featured on it. His collaboration with Camila Cabello on the song ‘Bad Things’, as well as other collaborations with Hailee Stanfield and Ty Dolla $ign, which are all included on this album, were revealed before the album release. As a side note, I really like the cover of the album.



Paramore – After Laughter

It might not be a surprise when I say that I found about Paramore after watching the first Twilight movie. If you watched it too, you might remember that their song ‘Decode’ was in the soundtrack and I was so into it back then. Fast forward to the present times, Paramore released this week their fifth album After Laughter. The thing is, the band, as many other musicians today, turned to poppier music, so if you haven’t listened to them in a while, you might be surprised by the change in their sound. However, if you enjoy pop rock music, you’ll like this album. You can listen to the full track list on their official YouTube channel.



  • Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Grand Final

We have reached the final section of The Weekly Playlist dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. It took place this week in Kyiv, with the two Semi-Finals last Tuesday and Thursday, respectively, and the Grand Final last night. This was the 62nd edition of the contest, with 42 participants in total and 26 in the Grand Final. I was actually disappointed with most of the songs from this year and I wasn’t very keen on the winner song either, but I’m well aware that people have different tastes and what I like doesn’t necessarily have to appeal to everyone. So, here are the songs that ended up on the first three places.


1st Place: Portugal, Salvador Sobral – ‘Amar Pelos Dois’

In case you haven’t seen posts on social media or heard about this yet, Portugal is the winner of this year’s competition with the song ‘Amar Pelos Dois’ and it is the first time Portugal won the contest. It was also announced earlier today that the song was the winner of the first Semi-Final. While I admit the song is beautiful, it really wasn’t one of my favourites. Not that I had many anyway. What I really liked was that after Salvador Sobral was announced to be the winner, he invited his sister on the stage to perform with him the song.



2nd Place: Bulgaria, Kristian Kostov – ‘Beautiful Mess’

Bulgaria finished on the second place last night and it was also announced that it won the second Semi-Final. I’m not saying that this song should’ve been the winner, but I do think that it was much better than the actual winner. In case you couldn’t tell by the baby face that he has, Kristian Kostov is only 17 and that really made me appreciate him more because his song and performance were so high in the final rankings.



3rd Place: Moldova, Sunstroke Project – ‘Hey Mamma’

For the party lovers out there, Moldova’s got your back with a very summerish song and a funny choreography. This might be my favourite out of all the songs but I have to say that I really think this wasn’t a suitable song for this kind of competition. And I’m not sure I understand why they doubled the letter “m” in the word “mamma’. Anyway, they finished on the third place and you can watch their performance here.