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The Weekly Playlist, October Edition, Part II

Image Credits: pixabay.com
Image Credits: pixabay.com
Image Credits: pixabay.com

Hello again, dear friends! Are you ready for the second part of The Weekly Playlist, October Edition? Well, if you’re reading this then you probably are. For this article, I have prepared for you nine of my favourite music videos that were uploaded on YouTube last month and, spoiler alert, they are all awesome! And no, I’m not biased at all when I say this. 

There are a lot of big names on this Playlist. We have Camilla Cabello with the music video for ‘Havana’; we have Taylor Swift, who returned again on The Weekly Playlist with the music video for ‘…Ready For It?’; we have Royal Blood who finally released a music video for one of their songs from their latest album; we have the charming Charlie Puth and his amazing dance moves and the list goes on. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this session of watching music videos!


Camila Cabello – ‘Havana’

I will begin with Camila Cabello and her amazing video for her single ‘Havana’ which is very popular at the moment. The video has a comic vibe, so get ready to laugh, or at least smile, when watching it. The first 40 seconds of the video are very funny, mocking a typical telenovela scene, in which Cabello plays the main character (side note: she looks fabulous in that yellow dress). After that, we see a “real-life” Camila Cabello who is a huge fan of this telenovela and basically wants to live a romantic love story just like in that telenovela. Lele Pons and LeJuan James, both social media stars, feature in this video as “real-life” Camila’s family members. There is a lot happening in the video, so I won’t tell the whole story here, but I do want to say that I think the bottom line of this video is something like “go make your own story, you don’t have to wait until something like in the movies happens to you”.



Taylor Swift – ‘…Ready For It?’

Now, the music video for ‘…Ready For It?’ is totally my kind of video. The first time I watched it I was so impressed. I mean, the concept of the video goes so well with the song and the visual effects are just amazing. I don’t know who comes up with the ideas for Taylor’s music videos, but they do such a great job. This video reminds me a bit of ‘Bad Blood’, but this one seems much more futuristic, like Ghost in the Shell (2017) or Tron (2010). Plus, in this video, there are only two characters, Dark Taylor and Light Taylor. The two of them battle each other and show off their powers, and in the end, Dark Taylor turns out to be an evil android. I’m not entirely sure what hidden message is behind all this, but I do know there are some theories out there on the Internet, just so you know.



Alan Walker ft. Noah Cyrus with Digital Farm Animals – ‘All Falls Down’

Speaking of futuristic videos, here’s another one from Alan Walker & Co. If ‘…Ready For It?’ had to do more with advanced technology and superpowers, the music video for ‘All Falls Down’ is futuristic in the sense that it makes me think of Divergent or The Hunger Games. The video follows a group of people who seem to be the only inhabitants of a post-apocalyptic world. They find these metal pieces shaped in the initials of Alan Walker (nice touch!) which can transform into small flying droids. Although the video has an open end, we see that those people are not alone in the world and they are being tested somehow, which, again, reminded me of Divergent and The Hunger Games.



Pixie Lott ft. Stylo G – ‘Won’t Forget You’

Next on the Playlist, we have a music video which, unlike the previous ones, doesn’t really have a plotline. ‘Won’t Forget You’ is a fun, light-hearted song and so is its music video. We see Pixie Lott in this leather-looking pastel-coloured bodysuit dancing all around the place with her team of dancers and in the end, Stylo G also makes an appearance. What is particularly cool about this video is that the background, the clothes of the dancers, everything is white-black toned apart from Pixie and Stylo G whose clothes are coloured.



Royal Blood – ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’

If Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’ is a funny music video, Royal Blood’s ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ is hilarious, to say the least. The video begins with a man, who looks all sombre and dangerous, shooting someone. That is the moment when you think the man is killing for who knows what reason. But then you see what he steals from the person he killed: a white bunny. Whaaaat? And for the rest of the video, the man and the two guys from Royal Blood compete against each other to get as many white bunnies as they can. I still can’t believe I’m talking about bunnies. What’s even funnier is that they ride their cars with the bunnies on top of the cars, while the bunnies stay still like they would be glued to the car. If you’re getting a headache from my explanation, then you should just go ahead and watch the video. Maybe it will make more sense.



Dillon Francis ft. Yung Pinch – ‘Hello There’

The concept of Francis’ music video for ‘Hello There’ is really cool, funny and original. The video is basically a sped-up version of a late-night talk show in which Dillon Francis stars as the host, as the guests, as a person from the audience and the list goes on. He basically plays everyone in the show besides the singer who is the actual Yung Pinch. This “show” has a carpool karaoke session, a cooking session and it even features a “trailer” for an upcoming movie in which one of the show’s “guests” stars. I definitely think you should watch this music video.



Loïc Nottet – ‘Doctor’

I featured the music video for ‘Doctor’ on this Playlist especially for the Halloween lovers out there. The video follows Loïc Nottet and a girl, both wearing makeup that resembles creepy clowns. The two have a lot of fun causing trouble in town, from smashing pumpkins to scaring old people, and just acting crazy in general. I give Loïc Nottet ten out of ten stars for impersonating this mad character. Also, the music video fits perfectly the lyrics of the song, so plus points for that as well.



Clean Bandit ft. Julia Michaels – ‘I Miss You’

I think the music video for ‘I Miss You’ is one of those music videos that are simply great. It has really great visual effects and I like how the three members of Clean Bandit and Julia Michaels stand out in their all-red outfits, while beautiful nature sceneries are in the background. But, my favourite part of the video must’ve been the silver sequinned cello – it looks amazing!



Charlie Puth – ‘How Long’

I saved the best for last *wink*. No, I’m just kidding, I think everything I featured here is great, but I’ll admit this particular music video is a total delight to my sight. Although it’s very simple in its concept, the video has a really good vibe. Watching Puth dancing around and enjoying himself makes me want to dance as well. Not to mention that he looks very good in that black suit of his.



You have reached the end of Part II of The Weekly Playlist, October Edition, which means there’s only one part left to come. The final article, in which I will share with you my favourite albums from last month, will be published very soon.