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The Weekly Playlist (11th September – 17th September)

Image Credits: pixabay.com
Image Credits: pixabay.com
Image Credits: pixabay.com

Welcome back, friends! This is the Weekly Playlist for the second week of September and, let me tell you, I’m very happy with all the music-related things that happened during this week. The Playlist features Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Galantis and much more. What’s not to like, right? 


New Songs


Alex Aiono, Trinidad Cardona – ‘Does It Feel Like Falling’

First on the list is the brand new single ‘Does It Feel Like Falling’ released by two people who became famous on the Internet. Nothing new there, what can I say. Alex Aiono has been on YouTube for a long time and he’s known for singing his own versions of popular songs (here’s one of his covers). This year he also started making his own music but before ‘Does It Feel Like Falling’, I wasn’t really impressed. Unlike Aiono, Trinidad Cardona became an Internet sensation overnight (literally) when his friend posted on Facebook a short video of Cardona freestyling something that soon turned into his first original song. And now that you know a little bit about their backgrounds maybe you are more curious about ‘Does It Feel Like Falling’, so give it a listen!



Grace VanderWaal – ‘So Much More Than This’

Grace VanderWaal was the winner of last year’s America’s Got Talent edition. You’ll be even more surprised to know that she’s only 13 now (what a lucky number) and she’s about to release her debut album. The album is called Just The Beginning (0 points for originality), it will be out on the 3rd November and it follows her 2016 EP Perfectly Imperfect. Although I’m not impressed with the title, I quite like the three songs that she revealed ahead of the album release and ‘So Much More Than This’ is one of them.



R5 – ‘Hurts Good’

Let me tell you an interesting story. R5 announced they have a new single coming a week before the release and the fans trembled with excitement and anticipation. And when I say fans I include myself in this category. Fast-forward a week later, the single comes out and I’m very pleased with it. The end of the story. Hmm, maybe it wasn’t that interesting, but at least I introduced the single in a cool and original way *wink wink*. I totally recommend this song. I think it’s very cool and it represents R5 so well.



New Music Videos


Fall Out Boy – ‘The Last Of The Real Ones’

On to the music videos section. The first one is the music video for ‘The Last Of The Real Ones’ which is the latest track revealed from Fall Out Boy’s upcoming album M A  N   I    A. I was actually hoping to talk about FOB in the “New Albums” section this week, because, initially, the release date of the album was 15h September. However, they recently pushed it to 19th January. So, to all the fans out there: Brace yourselves! There’s a long way ahead of us. So, while we’re waiting for the album, let’s enjoy this new music video. The credentials at the end are the best thing about it. But, in order to understand them, you have to watch the entire video and know the names of the band members.



Meadowlark – ‘Sunlight’

Meadowlark released an interesting, (a bit) controversial music video for ‘Sunlight’, one of the tracks from their debut album Postcards. The video features two characters wearing Donald Trump masks and it was directed by Dan Broadley, who explained that the video is not an insult towards the American president, but rather an original and mocking way to look at prejudice. It’s an interesting video to watch, so I definitely recommend it. And, since we’re at the Meadowlark topic, you should know that they have a UK tour coming and York is on their list. That’s right! They’re coming to Fibbers on 9th October and I think they’re an act not be missed.



Radiohead – ‘Lift

‘Back in 1997, Radiohead released the album called OK Computer and 20 years later, they’re celebrating its 20th birthday (or release day) with loads of surprises for the fans such as an entire album with remastered songs, unreleased tracks, B-sides and so on. The music video for ‘Lift’ is also part of those surprises. During this video, Thom Yorke rides, you guessed it, a lift and what you would expect to be a normal and quick lift ride turns into something bizarre which makes you wonder if it’s really happening or not. And this is the best thing about it. Take a look!



New Albums 


Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold

And the first album that I have for you is Concrete and Gold from Foo Fighters. You were probably expecting this one since it’s been so much hype around it. But the truth is, I think the album is actually really good and ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’ is my favourite one from the track list. Unfortunately, they only released three songs from the album on their YouTube channel but you can find the rest on Spotify and Apple Music. And some extra information about Concrete and Gold, it scored the No.1 album on the Billboard 200 chart which is the second time for the band.



Galantis – The Aviary 

If you’re having trouble making a playlist for your upcoming party, then you can count on the brand new album from Galantis, The Aviary. I’m not kidding when I say the whole track list makes you want to dance, so you should definitely give it a try. A very good thing about this album is that you can find the entire track list on Galantis’ YouTube channel. They also have music videos for some of the songs. P.S. I love the album cover.



Sløtface – Try Not To Freak Out

Finally, for this Playlist, there’s the debut album Try Not To Freak Out, from the Norwegian pop-punk band, Sløtface. The songs from the album approach current world issues but in a fun way. You can listen to some of the songs on their YouTube channel and the entire album can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.