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Review: Maxïmo Park Live

Twelve years on from Maxïmo Park’s Mercury-nominated debut album A Certain Trigger, the Newcastle four-piece are still going strong. Their debut LP combined intellectual witticisms over indie rock. The jewel of that album, ‘Apply Some Pressure’, is arguably one of the best indie anthems of the noughties. 


Yet twelve years on, as peers from The Futureheads, Razorlight, and even Bloc Party have faded into relative obscurity, Maxïmo Park are still releasing culturally-relevant music and attracting new fans. The Live at Leeds Finale tonight at the O2 Academy in Leeds showcases Maxïmo Park’s sixth album Risk to Exist. There is an array of younger fans brandishing their Live at Leeds wristbands, perhaps suggesting that the ‘Books from Boxes’ band’s music is finding a new lease of life.

Maxïmo Park’s music thoroughly deserves this new lease of life. Tonight, the band rattle through Risk to Exist thoroughly, as well as a fan-favourites from their rather sizeable discography. They give a sonically brilliant and rather energetic performance!

Fedora wearing Smith races around the stage energetically. In just one song he scissor kicks, drops to the floor and tosses the microphone in the air. The result of this dynamism makes for an all-round compelling performance, in which all eyes in the room are fixated to Smith. It doesn’t detract from Duncan Lloyd’s performance though, the co-writer and lead guitarist is technically brilliant.

Particular highlights tonight are ‘Our Velocity’ and ‘Apply Some Pressure’, which trigger the older fans into a £5 pint tinged frenzy. It transports fans back to 2007 to times of sticky floors and indie discos. It’s a stark reminder of how good Maxïmo Park really are, shrugging off critics who think Maxïmo Park should have by now disappeared by now- becoming ‘landfill indie’.



Yet Maxïmo Park clearly aren’t ready for the skip yet, they finish off this evening’s proceedings with the urgent ‘Get High (No I Don’t)’. For those of you frantically checking the Maxïmo Park discography, it’s a new song from Risk to Exist. It’s a clear statement of intent from the Newcastle band, that they’re far more than A Certain Trigger. 

So even twelve years on Maxïmo Park are quite literally taking a Risk to Exist…


Maxïmo Park played:

‘What Did We Do To You to Deserve This?’

‘Risk To Exist’

‘Write This Down’

‘Books From Boxes’

‘Brain Cells’

‘Respond To The Feeling’

‘Questing, Not Coasting’

‘Work And Then Wait’

‘The Hero’

‘Our Velocity’

‘The Undercurrents’

‘What Equals Love?’

‘The Reason I am Here’

‘Going Missing’


‘Girls Who Play Guitars’



‘Parisian Skies’

‘Apply Some Pressure’

‘Get High (No, I Don’t)’