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Interview – Odesza

Last week, Tom Phillips got to speak to American production duo Odesza, who have been building a big reputation for themselves in the electronic scene. Their latest album, In Return, came out last September and they are set to tour the UK this year.

1. Are you excited for your UK Tour? Have either of you visited York before?

We are very much excited to be overseas and playing for the first time. This is our first time abroad and we have been looking forward to this trip for some time now.

2. Really enjoyed your latest album, In Return. What are your plans for after your touring has finished?

After the tour, we plan on taking a little time off to recoup and then start the writing process again. Being on the road and experiencing all sorts of new sights and sounds really gets you in a creative head-space. Our schedule is pretty booked for now so it might be a little time before we can really sit down and start creating new music.

3. How do you feel studying at Western Washington University helped your development as artists?

College introduced us to a lot of new music that we were previously unaware of. We first discovered many of our favorite artists at Western and owe much of our musical growth to those years in college.

4. How has living in Seattle affected your music? What is the scene like in Seattle?

Seattle has a very strong indie scene. Pop folk as well as other similar genres do very well. The electronic scene is very young but festivals such as Decibel Festival have brought some really talented electronic acts through. As time goes on we see Seattle as having a very bright future in the budding electronic scene. As far as how living there has affected our writing process, the focus on indie music has definitely influenced our sound. We try and use a lot of organic instruments to create our tracks and I think a lot of that is due to the fact that most of our friends listen to a wide variety of electronic and indie music. Furthermore, the relentless rain we have in Seattle is conducive for locking yourself away for long periods of time and writing. We don’t feel too bad about not going outside when its been raining for the past ten days.

Seattle-based duo Odesza
Seattle-based duo Odesza

5. What are your fondest musical memories so far?

In our last US tour, most of our crew consisted of long time friends from college and high school. Having people who you are really close to on the road with you really makes the experience that much better. We all became very close and were able to share some of the more memorable experiences we have had during our carriers together.

6. You’ve been very well received in the electronic scene, why do you think that is?

We aren’t completely sure why people have been so receptive to our music. We try and bring many different elements to our sound and we believe that has allowed us to create a very distinctive style. Being able to supply something completely unique and different is essential to being successful in a market over-saturated by much of the same.

7. Do you try to give out any messages through your music?

Not really, we just try to make music that we want to hear.

8. Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Some of our personal favorite artists are; Four Tet, M83, The Gorillaz, Animal Collective, Panda Bear and Flying Lotus, to name a few.

9. If you could dabble in another genre, what would it be?

We have always been big fans of old blues and soul. If we had the time we would really love to experiment with some Motown styles, if we could find the right singers to work with.

10. What would your main piece of advice be for an upcoming artist in the industry?

Anyone trying to jump into the producer game should have a strong grasp on the software and production tools they intend on using. Be it Logic, Ableton, Reason, or whatever DAW you intend on using, try and learn as much as you possibly can about how to use and manipulate the software. Knowing the ins and outs of whatever your using will allow you to create the sounds you want and express yourself more clearly.