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Review: Rebecca Ferguson Live, 28th October 2016

Rebecca Ferguson

You’ve probably heard of Rebecca Ferguson as the runner-up of the seventh series of The X Factor, but she’s come a long way since then, with four UK top 10 albums and three UK top 20 singles under her belt.

This tour supports her most recent album, Superwoman, which reached number 7 in the UK charts. However, tonight she performed songs from all of her albums, including fan favorites such as ‘Nothing’s Real but Love’ and ‘I Hope’. We went to see her on the 24th October, at the York Barbican.

Rebecca was supported by musicians Chelsea Alice Scott and Max Restiano, both of them new on the scene. I managed to ask Chelsea a few questions after her set about her début album and what it’s like to be on the road with Rebecca;

Me and Chelsea Alice Scott
Me and Chelsea Alice Scott after her amazing performance!

Your new album Wild Soul, has just been released, how does it feel to release your first album? and what is the inspiration behind it?

It’s an amazing feeling to have my album out, I spent most of this year writing and perfecting it. It really stretched me as a writer and a singer to get so stuck into the album. The response has been great, to hear that people connected with these songs that I poured my heart into is just the best feeling. Musically, I would say my inspirations for the album comes from so many genres, I love a good pop song with strong melodies and meaning but there is lots of country/singer songwriter in there too. The songs are all stories of what I have learnt about life, it’s definitely an album about rising up and overcoming. 

What made you ‘get into’ music, and when did you realise that you wanted to do this as a career?

I have performed my music now for about 5 years, I would gig as much as possible just me and a guitar at coffee shops and local music venues. I always wanted to be a singer and used to write songs all the time when I was younger. I never thought of doing anything else but I was very shy and thankfully lots of amazing people joined me on my journey to get me where I am today.

I bet it’s amazing being the opening act to Rebecca Ferguson, how are you finding it? Will you be heading out on the road again any time soon?

It’s so much fun! This is my first big tour and I thought I might be really nervous but when I step on to these stages and look around I’m just amazed. I’m just soaking it all in and enjoying every minute. I’m sure as soon as the tour is over I will be missing the road. I have some plans for a special Christmas treat to say thank you to all my fans for another year of support. So we shall see what the festive season brings.

As my friend and I entered the venue, it was clear to us that we were significantly reducing the average age. The massive number of empty seats, including the six empty seats next to us, didn’t give us much hope to begin with however we were pleasantly surprised.

Seeming awkward and nervous at first, as the show progressed Rebecca gradually got more and more into it, and so did the audience, with people getting out of their seats to dance to her up-tempo blues music. She seemed down to earth and relatable, talking about feminism, empowerment, and about how her failed relationships have taught her to “learn how to love”.

Rebecca Performing
Rebecca wowed in this sparking dress

She performed fan favorites such as ‘I Hope’, ‘Backtrack’ and ‘Superwoman’, before embarking on an, unnecessary in my eyes, costume change which took over 5 minutes. This left the audience to wonder when and if she was coming back on the stage. Maybe she should ask Gaga or Beyoncé for some tips for the next time?

Once she returned to the stage she performed her way through the rest of her repertoire, including ‘Nothing’s Real but Love’ and ‘My Freedom’, finishing the concert with a cover of ‘I’m Every Woman’, which got everyone dancing, and then finally, ‘Bones’, her latest single.

There is no doubt that Rebecca Ferguson has an amazing talent, and a great voice which lends itself well to the soulful music which she sings. Although it did take a while for her stage presence to shine through, when it did the audience got really into it, and everyone, Rebecca included, looked like they had a great time!


  1. Oceans
  2. I Hope
  3. Backtrack
  4. Shoulder to Shoulder
  5. Teach Me
  6. Superwoman
  7. Run Free
  8. The Way You Look at Her
  9. Nothing’s Real but Love
  10. Mistress
  11. My Freedom
  12. Pay for It
  13. My Best
  14. I Don’t Want You Back
  15. Too Good to Lose
  16. Stars
  17. Diamond to a Stone
  18. I’m Every Woman (Chaka Khan cover)
  19. Bones