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Review of Big D 2015

Another year, another D. Last year it was Project D, this year it was Big D. Perhaps next year it will be ‘The Guardian’s D’ seeing as they gave us a massive D’ing in the latest university league tables. The revisionist contrarian cesspool that is Yik Yak has been very vocal about its disappointment with Big D and I can’t help but agree with their criticisms. This year there was no shishsa bar and no bouncy castle, though I will give the organisers the benefit of the doubt and assume this was due to the first of June signally the first day of the Monsoon season in York. Even Big D frowned upon the debauchery that took place that evening.

All jokes aside, the acts were pretty decent with Pendulum stealing the show as expected. Thankfully this year most students were allowed into the headline event and the chaos that ensued was admittedly pretty entertaining even if I was elbowed more than a few times by zealous fans. A small circle even formed at the very centre of the packed converted dining hall, accommodating for a dance off between talented and not so talented dancers.

‘The void’ in Hendrix Hall housed the most questionable acts, which were only enjoyed by the really intoxicated. Woe betide those that did not consume the devils drink in ‘the void’. Admittedly, Hendrix hall was packed at all times, so perhaps my more conventional taste in music in betraying my bias. That and I was not inebriated while dancing in the venue, clearly demonstrating my commitment to quality investigative journalism. You’re welcome.

Sadly, the acts in Courtyard were mostly overlooked as they served as background noise for drinkers that wanted to down their poison before re-entering the fray in Hendrix Hall. At some point, a rather talented guitar player picked up an acoustic and starting strumming furiously, attracting the attention of several girls who started filming him and giggling slyly. While the acts in Courtyard were not exactly the biggest attractions of the evening, at the least the guitar player got a few numbers.

To sum up, the headline act was fare better than last years Basshunter – but then again pretty much anything beats Basshunter. There was less variety in terms of activities and some of the acts were weak. The Derwent JCRC was not open and there was no ball pit or balloons to be found. The weather proved that the UK would be a far better place if there wasn’t so much damn rain! So Big D was slightly worse than last year’s Project D, though whether or not you get your money’s worth is entirely contingent on how much you anticipated seeing Pendulum. Taking the headline acts out of the equation and the value proposition was definitely better last year. For those on Yik Yak saying it was a big Disappointment, I’ve heard that joke more times than I can count.