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Review: Majestic Casual – Chapters 1 and 2

Copyright: Majestic Casual

YouTube has become a bigger and bigger part of the way that we find and listen to music and an important reason for this has been the emergence of YouTube channels dedicated to showing the world new music.

Majestic Casual, with over a million subscribers, is at the forefront of this phenomenon. Established in Germany three years ago, the popular music channel posts several new songs a week, with a focus on “electronic music, deep house, experimental, hip-hop, indie and pop.” Their unprecedented success led to the release of two compilation albums, Chapter 1 (2013) and Chapter 2 (2014), with more “chapters” in the series planned; each containing 40 songs mixed together from the channel.

“If you like dance, hip hop and indie music, Majestic Casual’s Chapters 1 and 2 are perfect for you.”

Both chapters are two of my favourite albums at the moment and I believe that they deserve just as much acclaim as the channel has been receiving. The fact that a YouTube channel has managed to release an album, something generally only record labels can achieve, shows the quality of the channel, and also its popularity. There are many reasons why both albums should be in your CD/iTunes/Spotify libraries in the near future. One thing Majestic Casual takes pride in is providing little-known talent with a wider audience. For instance, upcoming London-based producer Joe Hertz has a song on each album and clearly has a great future; “At Your Touch” is definitely worth a listen. French duo Paradis are also an exciting group to feature on both albums, “Hemisphere” in particular being a fantastic song. Another reason to check out the albums is the inclusion of more familiar artists,  like well-known English duo Disclosure, Redlight and AlunaGeorge, and also remixes of mainstream artists like Ellie Goulding and The xx which obviously adds to the album’s quality.

One reason that I really like the albums as a student is because all the songs are chilled, making them great to relax with or study to. It’s hard to describe an exact sound because there’s such a range of artists involved, but that’s no bad thing because it stops them from getting too familiar. Each song tends to have powerful, often entrancing vocals (including singer-songwriter Sam Smith) put to an exciting tune. The thing that sets Majestic Casual aside from other dance channels is that it finds the right songs, with the right vocals put to the right tunes, and there aren’t any tracks that drag the albums down at all.

The only disappointment from the albums is the exclusion of lots of good songs from the channel, like Full Crate & FS Green’s remix of “White Noise”, but with the hundreds of songs on the channel it was never going to be possible to include everything; I’d strongly recommend checking the channel out as well as the albums. If you like dance, hip hop and indie music, or if you’d like to discover new talented artists, Majestic Casual’s Chapters 1 and 2 are perfect for you.