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Music in York: a few updates

After a brief hiatus at The Yorker: Independent and Online we’re back in action. Look at this website, it looks pretty. Enough self-referential congratulations, onto some Music News. New Music. Both!




Above: mainstage headliners at upcoming YUSU Summer Ball

Things to be aware of, in chronological order:

  1. Section Boyz. Tomorrow night in Mansion, grime. If you’re not acquainted, get acquainted, procure a ticket. Might see Stormzy or even Drake there. Support acts are excellent.
  2. Summer Ball (7th June). Example may be a strange blast from the past as a headliner (and still fun to dance to if you can remember anything besides ‘Changed the way you kissed me’) – many great bands are there too. Jaguar Skills, Blossoms, Get On Up, Black box, Donkey Zoo, Doxis, funfair attractions and silent disco madness are all great reasons to find a flamingo on campus or just go! It’ll be fun.
  3. UoY Band Society: Recently put on a great ‘Festy McFestface’ open mic night on at Courtyard and will have their own stage at aforementioned Summer Ball, it’ll be amazing.
  4. Big D was Big. Der Went, Derwent, try it sometime. Say what you like about Derwent: they know how to throw glitter at things and run a great night full of wonderful music. Even if the headliner Karen Harding forgot to sing the national anthem
  5. Apparently live videos are a regular facebook thing now? Just got distracted by Corbyn making a live video, that dude is far more tech-savvy than I. Admittedly it’s not Jeremy taking a selfie video (why this silly editor assumed that is anyone’s guess). Back from my tri-minutely facebook distractions/memes now.
  6. Forgot what chronologically meant, it does not mean this list.
  7. Big Narstie was apparently fantastic if you went but The Yorker did not.
  8. New Order have a funky tutti frutti new album.

See you on the other side. Exams are over, the weekend is here.