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The Weekly Playlist (24th July – 30th July)

Image credits: pixabay.com
Image credits: pixabay.com
Image credits: pixabay.com

Hello there and welcome back to The Weekly Playlist! So, you’ve come here for new music and music news (haha, see what I did there?). Well, let’s not keep you waiting then and get right on to it. I have prepared for this week’s Playlist two sections with great new songs and a section with new songs from the second week of Tomorrowland. So, if what I said raised your interest then keep reading.


  • Part I – Date Night


Unlike Pluto ft. Cristina Gatti – ‘Let It Bleed’

‘Let It Bleed’ is my favourite song from the past week. But how do I even begin to describe this song? If I were to choose two words that represent it the best, I’d use “dark” and “mysterious”. You see now why I added the song to this section. It’s perfect if you want to seduce someone *wink wink*.

Regarding the video, for those of you who are not fans of blood, you might want to listen to the song on Spotify or Apple Music. I think the animation matches the song but I’m well aware it won’t be to everyone’s taste.



Billie Eilish – ‘My Boy’

Billie Eilish dropped Don’t Smile At Me – EP last week on the 27th July. That was a surprise considering it was set to be released on 11th August. Well, I don’t mind the early release. In fact, I’m quite happy about it. ‘My Boy’ is my favourite song from the track list and I think it’s also perfect for this section.



Marshmello – ‘Love U’

Now, I couldn’t make a section called “Date Night” without adding a song which has the word “love” in the title. I give you Marshmello’s new release, ‘Love U’. It’s a basic EDM song but it’s really cute with those helium-breathed vocals. Marshmello released it as a free song to show his love for the fans. That was really sweet. Just like a marshmallow.



  • Part II – The Barbecue


Charli XCX – ‘Boys’

This song might not be suitable for all types of barbecues but it still goes. And I couldn’t omit it since it’s such a catchy song. With a very nice music video, I might add. Also, while you’re at it, see how many celebrities you can identify in the video because there are plenty making a cameo. My favourite is Charlie Puth.



Skrillex & Poo Bear – ‘Would You Ever’

Yeees! A new song from Skrillex! Although I personally like the old Skrillex better, I quite enjoyed this song. It has that “feel good” vibe. This song marks the beginning of Poo Bear’s solo career. He co-wrote two of Justin Bieber’s famous songs: ‘Where Are Ü Now’ and ‘What Do You Mean?’. Looks like he likes to name his songs with questions. I wonder what the next question will be.



Snakehips, Anne-Marie ft. Joey Bada$$ – ‘Either Way’

If you’re having a barbecue, ‘Either Way’ should also be included in your playlist. Same as the previous two songs in this section, ‘Either Way’ is chill and it makes you think of good times with your friends. So, definitely listen to it when you’re feeling down. And when you’re having the above-mentioned barbecue, of course.



  • Tomorrowland, Weekend 2, 28-30th July


You probably know what Tomorrowland is but just in case you don’t, allow me to give you some information about it. It’s one of the largest EDM festivals in the world. The first edition was held in Boom, Belgium in 2005. Since then, it gained more and more popularity and it extended to Tomorrowland Brasil, TomorrowWorld in the USA and UNITE with Tomorrowland which is an event held in various countries to accompany the main festival held in Belgium. It’s interesting to see that the festival went from 9,000 attendees and very few headliners in 2005 to 400,000 attendees and a very long list of headliners in 2017.

This is the second year in which Tomorrowland took place over two weekends instead of one: 21st – 23rd July and 28th – 30th July. Therefore, for this section, I made a list with three songs that were released last weekend AKA the second weekend of Tomorrowland.


KSHMR, JDG & Mariana Bo – ‘Kolkata’



Afrojack Remix: David Guetta ft. Justin Bieber – ‘2U’



Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. David Guetta ft. Kiiara – ‘Complicated’