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No Hot Ashes Single Review : Bellyaches

The Stockport quartet are back. The band who brought you the funky tunes of ‘Cool Cat’, ‘Easy Peeler’ and ‘Goose’ have returned with their latest single, ‘Bellyaches.’

No Hot Ashes have gradually been making a name for themselves supporting bands such as Blossoms, Prides and Spring King as well as hosting sell out shows in Manchester. They’re developing a solid fan base of Cool Cats with nearly 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. (Impressive for a band with no marketing backing other than their own.)

Recruiting the help of producer and collaborator, Gavin Monaghan, the band worked on their new single in Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton. No Hot Ashes have given the Cool Cats their classic mixture of indie-funk, but introduced us to something new with more of an emphasis on synths sound rather than their usual guitar heavy tunes.

‘Bellyaches’ featuring art by Florence Burns

Beginning with a bouncy beat of keyboard and bass, played by Jack Walsh, the band hooks the listener to bop to the 80s vibe beats. Upon hearing the intro to ‘Bellyaches’ I was immediately reminded of the synthy intro to Blossoms’ ‘Charlemagne.’ It seems as if No Hot Ashes have been inspired by their fellow Stockport stars.

Through ‘Bellyaches’ we are reunited with Not Hot Ashes’ unforgettable, groovy base lines which accompany their witty lyrics providing poignant observations about growing up.

The familiar raspy vocals of lead singer Isaac Taylor shouts about the “imperial and lemonade” and “cheap chardonnay” providing a lethal concoction, as Taylor croons of “belly aches.” Isaac’s vocals are what make the sound of No Hot Ashes so unique and addictive. His mancunian tones take a mournful turn as the song ends with the elongated “sick of losing best friends.”

‘Bellyaches’ is a new funky triumph for the band and will become a feelgood song to get anybody in the groove. It will be another hit for their set so make sure you experience the boys live as they sound even better…if that’s possible.

No Hot Ashes are continuously adding to their gig line up for 2017. See below for upcoming dates…