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one a day: Online art platform launched


This July sees the launch of one a day and it’s been a good one. one a day is a new, non-profit project, giving artists internationally a platform to share their work with no bias or agenda other than to give artists and creatives exposure. Time-limited, one a day focuses on ever-flowing and evolving creativity though its rolling content.

How does it work?

one a day is comprised of an internationally based team of arty farties who are dedicated to curating your creative submissions. Each day, one anonymous member of the curation team chooses a piece to exhibit on the site. It’s up for twenty four hours and then it’s gone. Any kind of creative submission welcome: ‘music, film, art, poetry, photography, it’s all there.’


The crux of the project is to promote art without saturating the site with content like so many art promotion sites do. Instead, the aim is to select work to exhibit based on the curator’s thoughts and feelings ‘in the moment’ so whilst there maybe be personal bias, there is no agenda or proscribed theme.

How you can get involved

Visit oneadayteam.com and submit your work via the little envelope icon in the top right-hand corner. All you need to do is introduce yourself using your name or an alias and write a bit about yourself and your work. There is no: ‘objective criteria, entry requirements, word limit, or fee.’ All that is asked is that the work you submit is original.

It works by the logic of the if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. If you are not selected at first please keep on submitting, your work will make it in eventually. It’s not a criticism of your submission, it’s more likely to be a submission back-log.


There isn’t one. No one owns your creativity except you. one a day makes no monetary gain from your art.

What do some of the team think?


I had the idea based on attempting to complete something personally once a day, be it a poem or a song or an article. Once a day all summer to build a portfolio of work and to gain experience in different stuff. That kinda evolved into exhibiting pieces once a day that weren’t my own, and from there I drunkenly pitched it to several people, built the website and stuff and went from there.


My name is Josh and I got involved largely because I think it’s a really interesting way of promoting individual and independent culture and arts! I have a greater interest in music but ultimately am excited to hopefully see a real variety of exciting and novel submissions.


What drew me to one a day was the uniqueness of the time-bound concept. There is beauty in art and creativity. Philosophical right, but like all things beautiful it does not last so I love the focus on celebrating it in one space and time. It’s a real live-in-the-moment kind of thing.

Whilst the art is temporary, the volume of content proves that creativity is boundless.


I am a twenty-year-old media student who’s into colour co-ordination, personality tests and films where nothing happens.

I wanted to get involved so I could find other artists to inspire me. I think one of the most important parts of being a creative is collaboration and supporting each other!

Take a look at the first week’s work of art.

Source: one a day
Artwork: Daisy Heyes
Source: one a day
Artwork: damascus socket drop
Source: one a day
Artwork: Laura Corlett
Source: one a day
Artist: Bane Ignacio-Signian


Source: one a day
Artists: Moonstruck

Visit oneaday here. We look forward to seeing your submissions!