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4th – Gedächtniskirche, Berlin by Suzannah Evans

To be surrounded by blue: the heart aches
for the sea, the sky: the rush and quiver
of water.             Each tile shivers

in blueness, echoed by the hues
of others: a silent mosaic of glass.

And standing in front of the stained
windows:         Christ. His hands are gold,
his head is gold, his feet are gold…

Arms open, he appears to be swimming
in deepest blue: his head is tilted forward,
his eyes open.                Is this what it would be

like, to be inside a Chagall painting?
The swimming Christ,             the whirl
Of dream-colour, the two bright lights

by the outstretched hands? The blue
is overwhelming: the viewer is            lost
in front of it, becomes part of it.

Blue invades the entire sensing mind:
thoughts become slow            blue pulses,
memories are shaded in sapphire tints.