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Review: Art Society’s Autumn Exhibition

Copyright: University of York Art Society

On 25th November 2014, in the cosy venue of The Kitchen at Alcuin, University of York’s Art Society unveiled their Autumn Exhibition.

It’s been a busy term for ArtSoc, with an oil painting course running throughout the term for their members as well as a printmaking course with the printmaker Emily Harper. All of this hard work has culminated in their Autumn 2014 Exhibition, which also featured photography by members of Photography Society.

The exhibition itself was beautifully presented, offering the viewer a variety of works in different mediums. What was particularly striking about the exhibition was the sheer warmth and passion that had gone into every piece of work.

Copyright: University of York Art Society
Copyright: University of York Art Society

When I first walked into Kitchen I was immediately drawn to ‘Goddamn the Sun’ by Auréja Stirbyté (Third Year Philosophy and Sociology). At first I mistook the piece for a print but as I examined it more closely I realised that it was in fact an ink drawing. The intricate and symmetrical detail was truly impressive, not to mention that the piece wittily played around the theme of ‘the sun’.

Another piece that caught my eye was a watercolour painting by Xiao Li (Third Year History). Her painting, titled ‘A Fatigued Student’, depicted the black silhouette of a girl kneeling over some books with a stream of colour running around her. As the end of term nears, with deadlines fast approaching, I couldn’t help but find a source of comfort within the piece. Despite the lost and forlorn silhouette the vibrant wash of colour provided the viewer with a sense of hope.

However the highlight of the exhibition, for me, were two photographs by Leo Mahon (First Year Computer Science). Written on the placard beneath the two photographs was Mahon’s remark that, ‘For [him] creating art is a means of self-expression.’ This certainly came across in his art as each photograph provided subtle moments of intimacy. The first, ‘Self’, was a self-portrait. Through the use of digital photography Mahon captured the trailing movement of his head, giving the piece a reflective quality. ‘Youth’, his second piece, was similarly thoughtful with a captured image of his reflection in a window.

Overall ArtSoc’s exhibition was highly enjoyable and it is clear that the society has some very talented members. If you have a moment to spare then pop into Kitchen for a coffee and spend some time looking at the art.

Visit The Kitchen at Alcuin to view ArtSoc’s exhibition until mid-Spring term 2015.

Exhibition curated by Grace Lindley and Phil Brailey.