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Review: Lights – Little Machines

Canadian electropop sensation Lights returned at the end of last year with her fourth LP, Little Machines. The new album is a welcome addition to the scene and you can book tickets to see her live in her ongoing 2015 tour now.

Little Machines is a huge departure from third LP, Siberia, which had a dark, dubstep sound and  it is a huge improvement because the lighthearted songs come together to make a much more accessible, catchy and higher quality album. Lights’ themes for the album were nostalgia and naivety and both really shine through in the songs’ cheery tunes.

The centerpiece of the album is the single “Up We Go.” The happy song is full of energy and each verse builds up to the ‘Everyone here is ready to go’ chorus which is really catchy. Overall, a great song and worthy lead single for the album

Another single, that featured in promotion for the album, is “Portal.” This song is a lot more mellow than “Up We Go” but it is well written with a beautiful tune and once again, Lights has got it just right.

Canadian electropop artist Lights
Canadian electropop artist Lights

One other song that really stands out is “Running With the Boys.” This fast-paced anthem, with good lyrics too, is another reason to check out this album.

The rest of the track-list is also very listenable and each of the other songs follow the same lighthearted trend set by the other three.

Some fans have criticized Little Machines for making very different music to the songs that they fell in love with in her EP Lights and debut album, The Listening. However, her new album has also been commended for being more mature and the songs are definitely as well written as her debut in 2009 and they are more accessible to different kinds of people.

Overall, Little Machines is a great next step in the career of Canadian artist Lights and if you’re into the electropop scene or just a fan of Light’s music, the new album is a must buy.