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Review: Norman Rea Gallery’s Fluid Dynamics

This month the Norman Rea Gallery presented their first multi-space exhibition: Fluid Dynamics. Instead of their usual venue, the exhibition took place in the Ron Cooke Hub (Heslington East) in the 3Sixty Room and Exhibition Space. The presentation itself featured large-scale video and performance works by artist Máté Ternyik.

On Monday 9th February 2015, the Norman Rea Gallery presented Máté Ternyik’s Fluid Dynamics. The exhibition comprised of two videos: Turbulence I and Turbulence II. Turbulence I took place in the 3Sixty Room. The 360-degree projection immersed the viewer into a meditative atmosphere as the video featured various fluids mixed with water. It was a truly absorbing experience as the five-minute video allowed the viewer to lose themselves within the projection.

Copyright: Bianca Csenki
Copyright: Bianca Csenki

Turbulence II, which was located in the Exhibition Space, was a performance video featuring street dancer Gábor Gágyor. Gágyor performed ‘Liquid Dance’ a non-institutionalized branch of dancing that is inspired by the world of physics. Ternyik recorded the dance using a RED Epic Dragon camera, which is able to record 150 images per second. This created an entrancing work as Gágyor’s dance explored the movement of fluids through the use of the body. The use of the specialist camera created a high quality video and Gágyor’s dancing, which was accompanied to music by 20syl, offered the viewer a mesmerising experience.

Copyright: Bianka Csenki

What was particularly unique about this exhibition was the interactive feel. The viewer could walk from the Exhibition Space to the 3Sixty Room in one seamless experience. Boglárka Medgyes has done an excellent job of curating the exhibition, which was not only clearly labelled, but also did Ternyik’s thought-provoking work justice. The location of the Ron Cooke Hub allowed Ternyik’s art to make the maximum impact upon the viewer.

I would urge you to go to the Ron Cooke Hub to see Ternyik’s work as Fluid Dynamics offers a captivating experience.

Visit the Ron Cooke Hub to view the exhibition until 27th February 2015.

 Exhibition curated by Boglárka Medgyes.

 Photography by Bianka Csenki.