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Spector – Live Review – 01/06/16

Fred Macpherson, the Spector frontman hails from “London, England” as he informs the young crowd in the pause. He’s had a rather elaborate history, from awkward MTV 2 presenter considering witchcraftallegedly dating the late Peaches Geldof to fronting promising bands Les Incompetents and Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man.

Anyway, the indie five piece bring their ‘Tenner Tour’ to The Wardrobe in Leeds. Perhaps all this history has taken it’s toll, as opposed to the rather the luscious locks which the frontman previously boasted- he’s chosen to shave them off. The young, red stripe drinking crowd don’t mind though- for this night Macpherson is their muse and they scream every word back to Spector frantically.

Not so sad young men?
Not so sad young men?

As the lights go down, Spector open with the singalong ‘Never Fade Away’. A beer is sprayed soaking everyone down the front. You get a sense that Leeds is going to be rowdy tonight.

However, just as Spector get into their stride bassist Tom Shickle has a few technical difficulties with his instrument, however before any momentum is squandered, guitarist Jed Cullen is on hand to play the ‘Enter Sandman’ riff, greeted by hums and head nods from crowd.

Throughout the night Macpherson is witty, making puns at every opportunity regarding the name of the tour. The ‘Tenner Tour’, an enlightenment had by the ‘Chevy Thunder’ man, was the idea that all the dates were only- you guessed it, £10. A savvy marketing ploy to coincide with their new song ‘Tenner’. Anyway, the frontman ventures round the crowd asking how much each person paid for their ticket.

Fix up, look sharp
Fix up, look sharp

Some say TENNER, others say nothing (being friends with the promoter) and others cheekily say £11 with the booking fee. Macpherson makes his political sentiments known stating that the extra £1 goes to Tories, much to the delight and jeers of the crowd. Spector do take ‘intimate’ gigs to a whole new level, speaking to half the crowd – even Cullen and Shickle mount the merch stand!

‘Chevy Thunder’ is a particular highlight. Their indie anthem has Macpherson climbing on tables, holding girls hands and gazing dreamily into their eyes. Perhaps their original name ‘Spectre’ is appropriate, and their evil genius prowesses in seducing the audience!

Spector end on their Fitzgerald anti-anthem ‘All the Sad Young Men’. From the opening anti Killers line, “and nothing ever really started with a kiss” the crowd morphs into jovial hipsters, bouncing around the room. It results in a stage invasion, to which the security despite best attempts seem to accept defeat and let the stage turn into anarchy. With all these political sentiments, you can’t help that Spector want to stick it to the man.

Spector played:

1) Never Fade Away

2) Bad Boyfriend

3) Decade of Decay

4) Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let it End

5) Reeperbahn

6) Upset Boulevard

7) Grey Shirt & Tie

8) Stay High

9) Carburettor

10) Cocktail Party / Heads Interlude

11) Lay Low

12) Celestine

14) Chevy Thunder

15) All The Sad Young Men